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  • 245 weeks
    Real Life Struggles.

    Hey Everyone, I know a lot of you have enjoyed the first few chapters of A Tale Across Two Worlds and other stories I have written. I am sad to say that progress on A Tale Across Two Worlds has slown down a lot due to a job that I got shortly after posting it. This job is keeping me busy for majority of the week and I spend the rest of my time catching up on sleep. I hope to be able to devote a

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  • 282 weeks
    A slight Drop in Activity

    Hey everyone I just thought it would be nice to inform all of you that my activity here on FIM is about to dwindle. I've usually been all almost all day every school day but that's only due to my school providing me with a laptop to do school work on as well as some minor freedom upon the internet where I even found FIM in the first place. Anyways with me graduating in a week I must return the

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    Life updates

    Okay So I'm sure some of you have noticed the number of stories that I have on Haitus.

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    War of the Displaced


    It's coming to Equestria...


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  • 333 weeks
    Summer Vacation

    Okay so you guys may have noticed that all of my stories have gone on Haitus. Well this is because i am going to be inactive from FIM for about 3 months during my schools summer vacation. I will spend this time to get out of the writers block that formed around all of my stories and come back full of energy to pump out a bunch of chapters as quickly as I can write them while reading everything

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Born from Displaced Edit · 2:26pm May 5th, 2016

Hey everyone I just wanted to inform you all about the edit I did to Born From Displaced. I originally had it to where Master Chief and a gender bent Spyro were Scylla's parents but then a friend of mine pointed out, "Why don't you have them be things you know better." after I told him that I know almost nothing about Halo :twilightblush: I didn't have a good answer so I then thought for the past few days since it's been up that Samus Aran and a normal Spyro Displaced characters would make better parents for Scylla.

I was at first hesitant on changing anything since I already posted it but since so many of you seem to like this and want to see the crap I posted do well I will now be doing my best to give you the best story that I possibly can. Please be sure to let me know whenever I make mistakes be them grammatical or having the story focus to heavily on Scylla And her being an accidental Mary Sue.

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