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  • 15 weeks
    Looking For Editing Help

    Sorry for the bother,

    I was looking for some editing help on my stories, including the next chapter of Asylum, and I was also looking for some feedback on the stories in general to help me nail down some pernicious issues I've been facing.

    Please PM me if you're willing and able to help. And let me offer my thanks ahead of time, because I do appreciate it all!

    Derek (aka DoD)

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  • 42 weeks
    I have a gift for you - the lost Asylumverse planning guide (from 2013!)

    So, years ago I actually started writing out a guide of random but mostly useless information about Asylum and Broadhoof after I received permission from folks to write fan-fiction based on my fan-fiction. It was a humbling but invigorating experience. So in my exuberance, I decided that I should craft something that would help provide the reader a more coherent world for their shared narrative.

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    6 comments · 1,210 views
  • 49 weeks

    Okay, I let the Discord Server invite expire. It should be working now at this link. It shouldn't expire this time.


    -Derek (aka DoD)

    PS: Just over 1000 words into the next Asylum chapter. Had to kinda restart it again to make any progress.

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  • 50 weeks
    Asylum - Will it update?




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  • 156 weeks
    Finally (not) in Baltimore!

    Okay, that joke is getting stale. Anyway, looks like I'm finally settled after my journey to Baltimore. Tomorrow will be my full day at the con - and if I can, I would like to release a chapter tomorrow to in celebration (will have to edit over breakfast). Hopefully I'll be able to stay incognito, since it would probably be easy to guilt me into sharing secrets about the stories to anyone who

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Anyone want a free game from my youth? · 1:55am May 4th, 2016

I'm feeling generous after noticing that one of my childhood favorites, Star Wars: Rebellion (no, not the evidently very good board game version), was on sale on Steam for only a couple of bucks.

SO I've deceded to snag a copy as a gift for someone special! Aren't I just fan-freaking-tastic.

I don't know how many people are interested in Star Wars strategy games from the 90s, but I'll give it away to the person who... writes the funniest one-sentence story in the comments below in the next two days.

If there is a tie, I'll just buy a second copy and give it to both y'all.

Have fun, and feel free to submit multiple attempts!

-Derek (aka DoD)

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Comments ( 13 )

ok here we go

>ted cruz thought he had a chance.

Alright then:

¨Ẅhile playing Dark Souls 3, the boss Ludex Gygar and I were on low health, we both struck each other, and ended up killing each other, but I still got the Souls and drops from him.¨

Ok, here's mine. My girlfriend asked me to get her something really special for anniversary, something special that came from inside. So I gave her herpes.

I went to McDonald's and ordered some french fries—and you will not believe what happened next; I got the fries; I ate them at a table; I went home; I went to bed (this is all one sentence because I'm using semicolons) and when I woke up in the morning...

^ autocorrect lol
And yeah, you probably won't get the joke...

Comment posted by The Organism deleted May 5th, 2016

Super Trampoline is a good author.

Ah! So you're the other guy who actually likes that game! :raritystarry:


Star Wars: Rebellion is legit one of my favorite games!

I already own it, hell I still have the original, but I'm glad to see people talking about it :D

A duck went into a restaurant and ordered his favourite food, quackers; he told the waiter to put it on his bill.

This story is called "Dandelions actually"
He showered her with roses but never asked her favorite flower.

In the middle of the night, up the stairs I flew, hitting the wall at speed into the sky fell.

I thought long and hard on this but I couldn't think of much besides this:

Every couple of months I think Asylum has updated but when I look it is a different story and and I take a moment of silence to feel sad about that before reading whatever did just update.


Maybe it's because I'm getting over some rough times, but this damn dumb joke made me giggle. You win!

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