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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13

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Absence · 4:41am May 3rd, 2016

tl:dr - I am no longer writing fan fiction.

It took me quite some time to actually sit down and write this post. Those of you still around to read this have probably already guess that my extended absence was the end of my writing fan fiction, and that is correct. Though it pains me that "Stay" will not be finished, and that I put Rarity through hell and didn't bring things full circle with her story, the completion of their stories is simply not going to be possible.

There are multiple reasons for the above, not all of which I wish to go into. I don't have it in me to go into all the details, but one of the primary problems is that I have fallen away from the fandom. It used to be a place that I felt welcome, that I was proud to be a part of, that gave me something to look forward to. That has... well, it has changed. The fandom itself has changed, I've changed, and MLP doesn't hold the same draw that it used to. I am not ashamed of the time that I was a part of it, and would still ardently defend it. If I can't find enough interest to actually watch the show, however, which I haven't since season 4, then I don't think that it makes sense for me to continue trying to write fan fiction for it.

For those of you that are curious what I have been up to in my absence, I admit with some amount of reluctance that I have started writing my first novel. As I said, writing has been difficult as of late and it has been something like three months since I made any real progress, but the feedback I have received from the select few that have seen it has been overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately, that in itself brings me to another snag; I don't have a pre-reader right now. I started this story with one person pre-reading. He gave wonderful, thoughtful feedback and his encouragement and suggestions really helped keep me on track. Then life happened, and I think it's been... two months or something like that since I heard from him? It's one thing to have someone sit down and read something from the perspective of an interested reader, but it's another thing entirely to have someone who you can sit down and discuss the intricacies of plot. And given that this novel is supposed to be something that would, hopefully, be published and sold, I am hesitant to bring on random volunteers whom I hardly know to give said feedback.

I appreciate all the support you readers have given me over the years, and I realize that this is a pretty poor way to close things out. Sometime when I am in a better state of mind, I will see about going more into detail about everything going on, my plans for the future, what I'm working on, what I had planned for Rarity and Pinkie, etc. If y'all have any question about anything, feel free to ask. I can't guarantee a prompt answer, and I don't know if there are even people still paying any attention to this account, but if there are, thanks for sticking around, and... sorry for disappointing yet again.

If it's any consolation, I disappoint me, too. :facehoof:

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Shame you didn't finish the last story, but oh well. Such is life.

Was honestly surprised you even found a second wind, to be frank about it.

Good luck.

I am hesitant to bring on random volunteers whom I hardly know to give said feedback.

But if you expect your novel to get sold, you should expect random people to buy and read it. Honestly, I'd say bringing on random people for opinions on your writing would be the best thing you can do.

Should you ever decide to comeback some of us will still be here ready to pick up were we left of or even rediscover your stories since stories rising from the dead are not unheard of around here .

Your Blog Posts are basically a chronicle of a bit of yourself and one can easily tell things haven't always been sunshine and rainbows for you so at the very least I wish good luck in your future endeavors and have a happy life.

"You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles."
C. Joybell C.

Looking around me, I think the true tragedy of life is not those around me that I knew and lost, but rather those that I never knew at all. Everything you do,everyone you meet, has a lesson, adding to who you are and shaping what you are to become. It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, as the saying goes. I hope that as you close this chapter of your life and turn to the next, you find happiness and joy.

Stay strong and don't let life bring you down. We were happy to have had you, and are sad to see you go. I understand though, and wish you luck. Maintain a positive outlook. While you cannot always control what happens, you can control how it affects you and how you react to it. Know that you are loved, and do not be afraid to let others go and move on.

~S. T.

Hey man, life happens. No one's blaming you for that. Maybe recruit some of your most avid fans here to be prereaders for your novel. Whatever you do, best of luck!

That is, of course, your prerogative.

I can only say that it is so sad and disappointing when a writer in a certain field has reason to cease plying their craft. You, are a lovely one, among many.

You will be missed. And such a shame that your stories' cycle will ne'er see completion.

I agree with everybody else. Live life as you feel is best. I personally want to say that I still enjoy your stories here, and would love to see more if you ever felt the desire to add more, however I would feel better knowing that you are enjoying life, and I wish you much luck and success with your novel. Also *hugs* thank you for letting us know what's been going on :twilightsmile:

Alright man.

...'tis a sad day for those wonderful words of tiny colourful horse words. You are an awesome writer and even greater person.

Whichever direction life takes you, I wish you only the best, and hope you pop in from time to time just to chat with us.

Sorry to see you go mate, I only read the story with scoots and rumble, but I thought it was very well written. Oh well tell us when your new stuff is out and we will get around to reading it

and aye, the fandom does seem to be in the other half of its bell curve, despite the show continuing, and I have no idea what fandom I'll latch onto to fill the void this awesome show has made

You do what you think is best for yourself. It's pretty sad that you're leaving but you've left behind incredible stories. I only wish the best of luck to you with your next step in life.

hope one day your able to finish the stories i enjoy them alot man


This is why I always wait till a story is finished before starting to read it , that said I'm still interesting in reading what's there , you were always a good writer , wish you the best of luck and hopefully one day you may return and finish it , I know how it feels to fall out of the fandom and not watch the show anymore, I'm british , it's a nightmare trying to watch the show here .

It's a shame to see one of the writers that got me reading fanfiction leave, but there's nothing wrong with leaving something you hold no interest in.
Best of luck in non-horsefic land. :fluttercry:

It's fine if you don't wish to continue. You don't owe us anything. To be honest, I'm just glad you're alive. When you see that someone hasn't so much as logged in for several months, you start to feel like they, I dunno, *died* or something. I'm happy to know you're at least somewhat well. You have a good one.

I'm sad to see you go, but life is like that, a series of curveballs and I've gotten used to them. I'm not disappointed in you either, "if you love something let it go" and therefore you leaving is not something I am going to complain about. It is more important to me, as I'm sure is true for a lot of your followers, that you are happy. Your stories are wonderful and are among my top favorites of anything I've ever read, that includes novels that have been published and are relatively famous (Hunger Games, Divergent, The girl with the dragon tattoo, etc.). Continue to write and progress, I have confidence in your abilities. Maybe let us know here on fimfiction how you are doing every once in a while, and maybe we can read one of the novels you've written someday.

Have a great life! :twilightsmile:

The only questions that I have for you are; which one of the stories that you've written on this site are you most proud of, and which is your favorite?

Life is what it is. Nothing can change that. Like a few have already said, no worries. We are just glad that you actually made a post informing us about whats going on. I've seen people post great things and just suddenly stop with no explanation. Turns out that they either stopped for good or something else.

Anyways....do you have a name for the book your writing so I can look forward to it when it hits the shelf?

Hey, do what you think is best for you and good luck with the novel!
I'm a bit sad, because "Risk of Braving a Storm" and " Under the Starry Skies" are two of my favorite storys. I read them like 4-5 times and since english is not my first language they actually helped me to start read in english! So BIG thanks to you and hopefully I will be able to read your novel :twilightblush:

I'm not disappointed in you.

if you just don't have the heart to continue writing fanfics then it's best to stop when you can. I've read stories (fanfics and original) where it was more than obvious that the writer stopped caring after a certain point and was only finishing because they felt they had to, or was paid to finish it. I'd rather have an incomplete story that still carried the amount of care and attention you put into it than a completed story where the final chapters are empty and lackluster.

Don't ever feel obligated for something that was only a hobby and one you feel you're growing out of. Real life comes first.

Ya I'd love to know how this story was supposed to end

Sad this'll never get finished but I understand. I wish you luck with your novel.

I assume you probably won't read this, because you're leaving, but I feel it must be said.

At time of writing, you've garnered 1,163 followers from this site. Many others have also read your stories. That's amazing.
Your writing has had an impact on the lives of your readers, even though you or they might not know it. Your story, Risks of Braving a Storm was the story that got me into this site, and your works are the ones that inspired me to start attempts at writing. Some of your stories helped me cheer up my best friend when he was going through a bout of depression. You made your mark.

And I thank you for it. Good luck.

Good Luck, and thank you for the stories you've written. Each is well developed and though out. Good luck, and may you be happy.

We still miss you, Wintergreen. You were the best writer on this site, and going back to read you stories one after the other is... well, to be frank, you don't need any imagination to be able to see the characters or what they're going through. I understand not wanting to be part of the fandom or writing fanfics, but I'm still holding out hope that you'll eventually come back and finish this last story and leave us with a happy ending to this universe.

Your loyal fans are still here. We miss you, dude. If by any chance you see this, can you consider coming back? I'm a relatively new fan, only a couple years in, but your stories have captivated me with how well written they are, and it pains me that it ends on such a cliffhanger. Not many writers on here can match your skill. To this day, I've never seen much of the show. It's always been fanfics to me. I know you don't owe us anything, but your stories have an impact that most others don't. Your followers continues to grow, so we shall wait your return. Good luck.


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