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My first fanfiction for Flurry Heart is released! · 2:48am May 3rd, 2016

Hello folks!

I've finally published a fanfiction again! And it's my first one for Flurry Heart!
Originally, I wanted to wait longer with publishing it until I have finished it, to not put another multi-chapter fic that I have to finish on my back.
But the story became longer and longer and when already the second chapter brought it to more than 8,000 words, I became impatient and finally wanted to release something, so I went ahead and did it.
But I have set up a writing schedule now with 5 hours of writing every day and while I'm still having a few hiccups with it, I'm getting better at sticking to it. It's a way I can make decent progress with about 3,000 words per day, so there shouldn't pass too much time until I finish this story here. It's also the only one I'm writing for until it will be finished (except for one I'm collabing on right now, but there's no rush with that one), so I promise this one won't sit around and rot!

The plot of "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" is based on a thought that I had right when watching the Season 6 Opener for the first time and partially on a little joke I made about Flurry Heart after it, which is reflected in the title of the fic. The story will be a serious one, though, so prepare yourself for tugs at your heartstrings! The way I have thought it out it's going to be very dramatic.
A second chapter exists already and will be published a few days from now. In the meanwhile, I will begin with working on my part of the mentioned story collab and I will start to write Chapter 3 once the second chapter is released.
So far I'm very happy with how the story turns out. My writing took a dive last year, but since I found the mistake I kept making shortly before Season 6 started, it has improved again now and it shows in this one.
While it's not completely NaPoWriMo 2014 level again yet, it comes close and is better than most what I've written since "The Searchers".
For the release schedule, I hope that I can release one chapter per week. That's not set in stone yet, but with getting better at sticking to my writing schedule, you won't have to wait too long until a new chapter gets published!
That's all that is to say about the fic for now. If you like Flurry Heart, please consider giving it a read!

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