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Music SIG Likes #15 :: U.D.O. · 1:39am May 2nd, 2016

Nothing fancy here, just straight up, pure heavy metal that does what it says on the tin. These chaps have been around for quite some time, possibly longer than many people who may stumble across this this little blog post have been alive... It certainly has a "classic" metal feel with its driving guitars and pounding beat, and Mr. Dirkschneider's distinctive AC/DC-like vocals. It is perfect music to rock out to at work and it comes up quite often on music rotation on the production floor at $WORK.

(DLWIII - Rainbow Dash as a Guitarist)

Metal Machine


Speed Demon

Cut Me Out


Doom Ride

The Bogey Man

(I have this barmy picture in my mind of Dash playing this to "pep up" her weather team before going on assignment...)

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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