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  • Thursday
    Fic recs, July 1st!

    Out of nowhere, Twilight Snarkle came back with the first update to Fine Steps in six years! Six years, and I had no trouble sliding back into the stories of ponified Dr. Robotnik. :D Go catch up.

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  • Tuesday
    State of the Writer, June 2020

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ._.

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  • 1 week
    In other news

    I initially thought I would not be able to work 'Trixie is trans' into The Princess's Captain, but that may have just been dumbness/slowness to accept change on my part. With a little thought, it's totally doable, which makes me happy. :) Hopefully, I can demonstrate why in this other story I want to write first.

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  • 1 week
    A quick reminder

    So remember when a bunch of people on this site came out and posted blogs in support of Black Lives Matter?

    I posted mine on the 4th. That was three weeks ago.

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  • 1 week
    A question for my trans followers!

    What would you want out of a "Trixie is trans" story?

    I'd like to write one. I'm probably too late for Pride Month Positivity, but I'd at least like to write it in that vein and not just have it be a bunch of angst.

    PMs are of course open if you'd prefer to answer that way.

    13 comments · 246 views

Story idea up for grabs · 12:08am May 2nd, 2016

Potentially to more than one person!

Twilight notices that pictures of her as a filly have starting showing her with wings.

Let me know if you do anything with it!

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Comments ( 20 )

Should've known that it was odd that Celestia wanted to see Twilight's pictures she had taken while she was a foal. She said she wanted them to show Luna, but now we know that's a lie. :trixieshiftleft:

So she's always been an alicorn and the reality warping spells from the past are starting to unravel?

I'd read that!

Author Interviewer

So would I. Hopefully, I'll be able to eventually. :)

Fascinating. This has several potential offshoots, from temporal ripple effects to a massive prank...

Of course, I should wrap up that other idea you gave me first. I want to have it out in time for Mother's Day.

Ah, so it's the anti "why don't we have any pictures of Shining Armor before the wedding" theme. :V

As in, maybe she always had wings, it's just that a cloaking spell was preventing everyone from perceiving them, and since pictures in Equestria work with magic now that the spell is being lifted they show what it truly was there all along.

Hummm... I don't see much things that would make a story incorporating that worthwhile except for maybe some drama while they are figuring it out tho.

I like the massive prank/reality braking concepts better.:derpytongue2:

Much more interesting.


There are so many ways this could go... some of them very dark.

3911856 And some of them very comical!

I can see it now, Twilight Sparkle and the quest for historical accuracy.

What are you talking about? Twilight Sparkle has always had wings, and Equestria has always been at war with Eastasia.

I think something's happening here. Something involving Scootaloo, time magic, and a really really mean Twilight Sparkle.

Dang that's good, but I have too many stories to write already. I want to read the finished product, though!

3911856 One might even call such an occurrence a twilight enigma

I might do something with this. It's oneshot worthy.

Author Interviewer


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