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Black Lives Matter, this isn't hard

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  • 210 weeks
    amazon job fact sheet

    +$12 an hour, full time with benefits
    +their warehouses are a marvel of distribution engineering
    +Amazon doesn't care enough to lie to you
    +they have employee training down to a science
    +the break room has cheap food and soda
    +day four and my hands are fine!!

    -there are two break rooms in one massive warehouse, so five minutes of your breaks are spent walking

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  • 210 weeks
    a rewrite by Pinklestia


    I'm posting any ANS material I get. Here's one! A New Sun Rewrite, by Pinklestia.

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  • 211 weeks
    regarding fanfanfics

    To reiterate, A New Sun is dead. It's so dead that I'm having trouble forcing myself to summarize the ending. But I know a lot of people still care, because they've told me so. More to the point, someone just asked me for permission to do a sort of rework of ANS.

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  • 219 weeks
    old plans, part 5

    I'm busy with school, my hands hurt, and it turns out my dog has pancreatic cancer. So these are going to get shorter, but they have to happen because, I don't know, they just do.

    The following is either one or two chapters.

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  • 222 weeks
    old plans, part 4

    Meanwhile, Playboy puts out a special rush issue with Celestia on the cover and consisting mostly of the interview (they found time for that one photograph, never mind how). It turns out that Bob, the interviewer, didn't edit out a damn thing except where Celestia requested the removal herself. Celestia's power and personality are both a matter of public record now. Jeff compliments Bob's

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chapter progress / MLP · 6:17am May 1st, 2016

First round of edits are in. Still no ETA.

I'm continuing in my question to catch up on MLP episodes I previously never got around to.

Let it be known that Scare Master is a rad ass episode.

Fluttershy, you goddamn weeb, put those away.

Report Ragnar · 441 views · #MLP
Comments ( 10 )

Theres more to come. Hopefully you enjoy.

Bad writer! No imgur links anymore!

Imgur links don't work anymore, dood. You told me this.

Like a week ago it started displaying Imgur images again, at least for me. Not sure why you guys are having trouble. Personal moral failings, perhaps?


Methinks its just you, FiMFiction was banned from posting direct links on imgur, there was a sitewide post and everything.

3911675 In that case I'm wondering why it's different for me.

My personal moral failings, perhaps.


I sincerely don't believe that its anyone's moral failings are at fault here. Probably a weird quirk of circumstance at best.

3911788 No, no, it's clearly the work of the divine. We have to disembowel someone before Woden loses all patience.


Right, you find the perfect sacrifice, I'll get the perfect rusty spork

3912695 Oh, never mind, I cleared my cache and now they don't display anymore. Either the gods are appeased or Zeus doesn't give a good goddamn about MLP fanfics. I assume the former.


More like imgur is all salty that bronies were linking ponies and they weren't getting money from it

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