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So, I almost died today · 3:34am May 1st, 2016

I'm not kidding either. Hell, I don't have a scratch on me. I should probably explain shouldn't I?

I was on my way to a friends like I do every weekend when my front driver side tire went flying off my car while I was going down an extremely busy road. So a few events happened that made me and no one else get hurt. The tire missed the on coming traffic so no other cars got wrecked with mine and I slammed my brakes... okay I was shocked for a minute but I slammed my brakes once that passed. Thankfully the guy behind me stopped and helped me find my tire in a nearby field. Now for the really amazing part, aside from no one getting hurt, my car has relatively minor damage. The axle should have bent but didn't, hell the most expensive thing is replacing the fender! Now there is a crazy bit to this story I want to say, but I'm going to leave out. If you want to know it then just ask, but it freaked me the fuck out. Anyway, I'll talk to you guys later.

Ps. what caused the tire to fly off was loose lug nuts.

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So would that make your day exciting or frightening? Also I think I would like to know the extra bit.

3909297 Dude, I could of died and I'm about to graduate high school. I have barely lived life so I was terrified and I'll send you the extra bti in a PM.

3909302 Sorry didn't mean to offend.

3909309 You didn't offend. I just wanted to point that out..okay, I'm still freaking out about it so I over-reacted.

Holy fucking shit I'm kinda scared right now. Actually I'm very scared right now. I think I'm going to put something in my will that'll send a notice of death and a final message from me to everyone I talk to online, cause there's no way they'd know otherwise, and they might end up thinking I hated them suddenly or something. Also, I'm glad you're okay, shitting myself over here, but glad.

Glad that the axle didnt break or bend above and beyond just walking away from this unscathed. That would have hurt insanely out of pocket for cost (Personal experience) Its nice to see a fellow following to help out, and urgh, i hope your day at least was better after the crud passed?

3909716 Right afterward I went to work and when I got home you know what I see. My helf brother went out and picked up my car for me with the wheel all fixed we're going to test it today to make sure it's all good, but after my week; I'm glad something good actually happened.

3909783 Sometimes its the little things that can help a day be better.

3909445 I'm pretty sure they'd know something was up if you were offline for a long time without warning.

3909788 They certainly do. He's offering to put a new fender on it when we get one so that's good.

Wow man glad you survived and " If you want to know it then just ask" this plz
and now this seems sarcastic..

3909839 that added thing made it seem sarcastic. Did you want me to die! How dare you mr. friendly changeling person! I'm kidding, I know it isn't sarcastic Aperture.

3909789 True. Although I don't really blog at all so.


Good lord! I'm glad you're alright, but my god what a freaky occurrence.


3915052 On top of that believe it or not, a similar thing happened to one of my friends recently. So that combined with this has me paranoid about my lug nuts beyond belief.

3920432 Make sure you tighten them!


3920441 Yeah no kidding. I'll be going through tire irons like a madman.

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