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call me alex ✯ he/him pronouns please (closeted trans kiddo) ✯ I like Rick Riordan's books ✯ sometimes I draw ✯ happily not-single ✯

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    happy tdov everypony!

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help okay so · 2:00am Apr 29th, 2016

im getting a haricut in over two weeks which means i have like 2 weeks to convince my mom to let me get my hair cut short

i have kinda weird hair- it can be really curly or really frizzy or somewhere in between
and i want super short hair- something similar to troye sivan's hair

or brendon urie's hair

HOWEVER because i am blonde and have a rounder face and weird hair, i dont think i can really pull those off
do you guys have any possible ideas for haircut possibilities (if, hopefully, i actually am allowed to get my hair cut short)

this is how my hair looked saturday or sunday or sometime this weekend idk (i felt very much like chat noir with that hat on even tho i dont watch ML)

and this is my hair and face today, where my hair had been in a ponytail almost the whole day

aaaaaand hair back in a ponytail

ok but i really do not know what would work with my face shape??? idk!!!!

like i would really love hair like this (i absolutely adore glasses + beanie combo)

or this! (but i feel like my face is too feminine to pull it off)

and i absolutely LOVE amandaschronicles' hair

and felicia day's hair is to dye for (gettit? cuz im not ginger)

and THIS HAIR is so much of a statement and i LOVE IT

but i feel like all of these require too much efforttttttt
and also my mom probably wouldnt like them (and my dad would probably ground me forever if i got my hair too short)

but are there any hairstyles you guys particularly like or think might look good with my face shape? thanks for the feedback! :twilightsmile:

love ya, you nerds :rainbowkiss:
:heart: jedi ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(pls mother)

also this

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But I like ur hair

Solution: Carry the Bigger Stick.
(I have no suggestions, sorry Sister)

3904328 do you have any short hairstyles that u just really like in general

Talk to your stylist and see if there is a combination that would work best for you. Also yes you are right Felicia does have hair to die for, though I went gaga over how cute she was during her appearances as Charlie in the show Supernatural.

3904402 I think he only reason I'm gonna continue watching supernatural is because I haven't gotten to Her role yet

Comment posted by fluffysam1212 deleted Apr 29th, 2016

3904800 She shows up at some of the best moments. What season are you on?

I think you would look good with Troye Sivan's hair. :pinkiehappy:

3905927 What's the main focus of the season, can you tell? I only ask because I'm on season 11, don't worry I'm not going to spoil anything.

3906090 I don't remember I haven't watched in months

3906117 Ah, well even if it is season six you will still enjoy it.

3906133 Not all for the whole paranormal, mythology, and lore?

3906146 no I just feel like too much of the episodes r repetitive

3906161 Some tend to be, but they add a bit to pick them up every now and again.

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