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  • 268 weeks

    Just watched Zootopia. And Wow that was amazing. My favorite character is Nick the fox. All in all a great film. Will watch again.

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  • 274 weeks
    Ha this is funny

    My story has 666 views ha nice

     

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  • 278 weeks
    My Birthday

    :pinkiehappy:Today I turn 28 today. I am happy

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  • 278 weeks
    My oc Flying Raven


    Name: Flying Raven
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pegasus
    Color: Black coat with silver mane and tail
    Cutie Mark: a raven flying threw a cloud
    Hobby: Raising Ravens
    Personality: Out going and smart

    This is my OC

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  • 280 weeks
    McMurray fire

    My heart goes out to all the people in Fort McMurray. I hope they put that fire out. I am trying not to cry but its hard.

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Can't wait for April 30th · 5:47am Apr 26th, 2016

Yup cant wait for then new MLP FIM season 6 ep 6. Anyone else excited?

Bit of a shocker when it didnt air on the 23rd of April. But I can wait

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It's all about that 7th episode with rainbow dash coming out may 7th! :rainbowkiss:

It's almost here! Just a few more hours and we'll get more of Overlord Trixie Waifu Senpai Time!


But it's JUST Rainbow Dash. We see her all the time. It's time Trixie came back anyway. Maybe Rainbow will meet Lightning or Gilda again?

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