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MLP helped me find my muse in Oct. 2014 after 6 years without it. I have a Psychology B.S. Sunset Shimmer is best pony.

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    The Princess that Equestria Always Had is no longer on hiatus!

    The Princess that Equestria Always Had is no longer on hiatus!

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What's Coming in the Future · 2:20am Apr 26th, 2016

Many things.


Man, what would it be like if I just ended this there? But no, I'm gonna be serious, as this is actually about a lot of things I'll be doing in the next few months. First off, I have at least six stories in the works. Some are published works in progress, others I'm going to tease, and others I'll be as vague as possible. Second, episode review blogs. Third, convention news (which I'll post another/more blog(s) about as the convention approaches).

The Personal Files of Dr. Mindwell: It's been a long time since I've updated this. Long enough that I'm going to start writing again. Season 6 has started, so now I'm even farther behind than I was between seasons 5 and 6 when I started the fic. This is definitely going to be my longest fic: at least one chapter per episode, and many chapters between episodes. Link.

The Princess That Equestria Always Had: It's officially on hiatus. I've gotten practically bupkis written for the next chapter, and only part of the chapter after that currently written. If anyone has any suggestions for groups or people whose help I can use, send me a message and I'll consider it. This fic still has a very long way to go, and I really don't like that it's already been so long. Not to mention all the things I've been doing instead like Minecraft. Link.

A (pony) Sunset Shimmer and human fic: A non-romantic fic in which a 12" pony plush suddenly comes alive one night, and how they figure out what to do from there. Without giving too much else away, it's got a few similarities to "My Little Dashie." Currently in the first draft, which so far consists primarily of dialogue and occasionally description so as to plan out the plot.

"A Clef Between Them": a 9-chapter Octav3 romance. I've been wanting to write a Vinyl-Octavia fic since "Slice of Life" aired and we saw them living together in that house with two very different architectural styles. As soon as I saw that scene, I knew I wanted to write something about them, but it wasn't until I'd started listening to Inner Passion,an album by cellist Tina Guo and pianist Peter Kater in which the entire recording was improvisation. It's a single take. Link to Tina's youtube.

"Flowers for Al Geranium": Originally intended as a submission for my Monthly Writing Group, I was unable to finish it by the end of February, and so it's sat gathering dust since. I do want to finish it, as it will hopefully be a lovely romance/drama piece. Link to the group:

Finally, The Memoirs of Sunset Shimmer: a massive project I'm working on and won't publish on here until I've completely finished writing it. This is a fic where I definitely don't want any long, unannounced breaks. If your curiosity hasn't already been piqued, I'll pose to you a question: "What happens when you bring an Element of Harmony into an alternate world?" Hint: a lot more than we realize.

I currently have two season 6 episode reviews in my blog. I have yet to do "On Your Marks" and "Gauntlet of Fire", but I do plan on doing a review blog for every episode of season 6, as well as other episodes as the opportunities arise. I've always enjoyed analyzing my favorite shows (MLP, Homestuck, RWBY, etc.), and this is just a way to do that without yet being able to do videos on the topics. Link. Link.

Convention news: I will definitely be going to my local con, MLP-MSP in Minneapolis, MN, along with my friend Vivid Syntax, an excellent writer known among many for his SoarBurn fic Sensation (NSFW). I've applied for a fanfiction panel, and Vivid and I are currently figuring out combining our panels (assuming they're both accepted, which we'll learn in the next few weeks), having a booth for commission stories for the chosen charity, and other things. As I've mentioned, future blog posts will be posted from now until June as more details are released to the public and attendees. I will also be recording vlogs throughout the con. Last year I didn't for several reasons: it was my first convention, I didn't have a good enough camera, and I was just so busy. My youtube channel, however, does grainy and wobbly footage from ElectricalEnginerd's Tesla coil songs from last year. Link to Vivid Syntax's page. Link to my youtube.

While I'm at it, I'll link my tumblr and deviantart accounts as well, though I rarely use dA these days.

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Comments ( 2 )

Thanks for the shout and the updates, Ril! Can't wait to see you there. :twilightsmile:

Quick question: did you get a booth actually accepted for the charity commissions thing? If so, I'd love to join you for part of it. I'd been meaning to do something similar, but I never applied for a table.

3896856 i havent gotten one, no, though that will be something to look into soon. I hope tables are still available.

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