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Hello everyone! I'm a Anime lover, an avid gamer. Kinda a crappy writter but eh im trying

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What Should I Ddo Next · 11:01pm Apr 24th, 2016

What fic do you want me to focus on for now
a berserk crossover
the fairy tail crossover
the pokemon crossover
a digimon crossover
a xenomorph crossover
a warhammer 40k lunar wolves crossover
a metal gear raiden crossover
a fic were timber wolves are put in a good light
a displaced fairy tail fanfic
a kill la kill crossover
or an akame ga kill crossover
so which one comment down below to choose

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Comments ( 17 )

just added to it
reload the page

3893756 I have an wild idea how about..........all of the above

3893760 well one at a time is what i was thinking i mean i have 2 and a half pages of ideas but i want to do 2-3 max at one time

3893751 i also just put up a option for a kill la kill up if anyone is intrested

3893766 just know that for berserk, akame ga kill and kill la kill I have to re watch them all so

as well as with the Raiden one

3893763 timber wolves and fairy tail would be fine

Wo wo wo,slow down dude! How bout you try to get the ball rolling on the fic you started BEFORE you start another one. Although if you choose to start other one, be careful with the displaced fic, they are a pain to keep up with

3894019 well shit yea didnt think this through before i posted this did i *sigh* fuck

3894132 :eeyup: Btw thank for sending me the blog post :twilightsmile::derpytongue2:

Warhammer bruh. I love the books.

:pinkiecrazy: Berserk :pinkiecrazy:
Berserk is always the answer. It would be epic to have Guts arriving in the Everfree Forest right in a nest full of Manticores like :

"Hey little kitty..."

3922120 I might I'm leaning towards that but I have to watch the rest of the series so

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