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    Vore Fic Story Ideas?

    Hi there everypony. Cherrylicous here. How is everypony today? :twilightsmile:

    I've been away for a good while now. Sadly haven't really been writing that much. Just haven't had that spark of inspiration if you guys know what I'm talking about? :applejackunsure:

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Vore Fic Story Ideas? · 3:37pm Apr 23rd, 2016

Hi there everypony. Cherrylicous here. How is everypony today? :twilightsmile:

I've been away for a good while now. Sadly haven't really been writing that much. Just haven't had that spark of inspiration if you guys know what I'm talking about? :applejackunsure:

But anyway, I think I'm back in the game of things. And I think I know what I want my next story to be, its just... I'm not sure if I can write it to the level I want... I haven't written a vore story before, though I am a big fan of it and have read several really good ones from Fimfiction and other sites, and I really really want to write my own, it's just I'm a bit nervous. That's why I'm here.

I would love to strike up a conversation you my fellow vore fans. :scootangel::heart:

I have several premises and pairings that I would like to share with you here today and get your feedback on them, but all I would love it if we could discuss each others preferences and what we like to see in our Nom-Nom Fics.

For me, I love the idea of tightness. :heart: The throat closing around you and hugging your body as you slide down to the fleshy tomb of the pred's stomach! :heart: Can't get enough of that. And feeling the belly bulge out from being so full! Mpgh~! Gahd yas! :heart::rainbowkiss:
I also like it when there's digestion and disposal (scat) but the second one is more on occasion, and I love it when the pred gets a nice layer of fat packed on their plot afterwards from such a big meal! :heart: the butt is love man!

But anyway, let me run by a few ideas that have been rocking around in my head for said stories:

1. Nightmare Moon escaped before she could be turned back into Luna and has been plotting her revenge. Its her birthday and Pinkie surprises her with two presents. Twilight and Celestia, for her to stuff down her throat and into her stomach, giving her the best birthday gift ever: A good meal and the throne of Equestria.

2. Celestia is busy preparing for the Grand Galloping Gala and the CMC come in and ask to try and get their cutie marks as food. They heard Celestia and Luna used to eat ponies all the time in yonder years but its died off now. But eventually she says alright and indulges in her old habit, swallowing down all three of them. Though what they don't know it that they will be digested and turned into fat for Celestia's ass. Having her old eating habits and cravings rekindled, Celestia then goes on a voracious eating spree, stuffing as many ponies down her gullet as possible.

3. Similar to 2, but with Princess Luna on Nightmare Night. The CMC meet up with Princess Luna dressed as Nightmare Moon for the holiday and they convince her to eat them. She hasn't done this is millennia, and as soon as she gets one of them down her throat she goes into a feeding frenzy, stuffing the others quickly down her throat and quickly giving into her cravings and going off to find some more ponies to sate her hunger.

4. Nightmare Moon defeats the mane six in the opening, or comes back having evaded capture, and decides that they would be a whole lot more appealing if they served her. So she goes and stuffs them one by one into her womb in an unbirthing scene and later pushes them back out with them having turned into miniature nightmare versions of themselves. This could be either before or after but she encounters Celesita and stuffs her down her throat so she can make plenty of milk for her new babies.

5. Twilight, having learned everything she could from Celestia decides that her former teacher only has one last thing for her. And before sun-butt and realize whats happening, she's already leg-deep in Twilight's throat, on her way to her stomach. Digesting her and turning into a nice layer of body fat for Twilight's royal rear.

6. Wanting to run a very special experiment, Twilight feeds Celestia to a very hungry Fluttershy, wanting to see how much fat such a large pony would make for the consumer. After a few hours digesting, Flutters now has a plump, juicy rear of royal alicorn fat and Twilight gets an idea. Casting a spell, she makes Flutters go full pred mode and lets her shy pegasus friend swallow her down too, also becoming a nice layer of body fat for Fluttershy.

Those are a few ideas i've had, but I want to hear from you guys. Which one do you like the best? Do you have any concepts or ideas for stories like these? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments bellow. I can't wait to hear from all of you guys :heart:

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Do you like to find art that focuses on this kink? If so, have you seen some of AugustBebel's work? A few of those ideas seem like they were based on his works. He/She is really into turning ponies into ass/flank fat, and seeing as you're into that, I'd suggest taking a look.

You can already tell from that alone that I'm into vore myself, and as much as I'd want to go into detail of which kinds I like and why, I need to get to bed and I'm afraid I might take up a chunk of this page doing it. If you're interested, PM me and I'll explain the best I'm able.

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