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I am a conglomerate of Engineeriological and Writeological forces with a Ponypreneurial spirit.

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    Something is coming

    Soon, my friends.... soon.

    It's not a new story it's something entirely different

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    "Another piece by the secretive street artist Flanksy"
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    Pretty gut-wrenching night.

    Take care of each other, everyone. Be kind, be nice, try to counteract any hatred you see with love. When they go low, keep going high. Because it's the only way to make it through the next few years.

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    Quick notes

    Just thought I'd pop in and say a few very quick things:

    -The final chapter of Of The Night will be published at the same time as the Epilogue. So there's two chapters left, Chapter 9 and Epilogue, but they'll be up at the same time.

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Quick update (I swear I'm gonna get a decent schedule for Of The Night going) · 6:30pm Apr 20th, 2016

I know it's been a while, so I thought I'd do a very quick update.

I finished the next chapter of Of The Night 2 weeks ago, and sent it out to my editors. Unfortunately, every single one of them has been exceptionally busy lately with real life, and real life will always come before sparkly horse stories. I've ended up reaching out to a few other editors, who have thankfully been able to step in and look at the story this week. The goal is to get it posted this Saturday.

I again apologize for these gaps between chapters. I'm taking steps to make sure the gap isn't as wide anymore, as if the pattern continues the story won't be over until the end of the year, and it really doesn't need to be that long.

Thanks for understanding!

-Brian J

PS: I thought this season started out meh, but it's improved with every episode. The last two have been really, really fun; one of the best Spike episodes of the series, and a really well done CMC episode that helps set the tone for their characters moving forward.

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Comments ( 1 )

Sorry, Brian, quit my old job last week and started my first teaching job this week. Busy busy! I can edit the next chapter when it is ready!

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