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  • 2 weeks
    Open Smite invitations

    My friends know about this, but to everyone else, I've been playing SMITE practically every day, raging at a few games and becoming the VIP in others. I'm mostly speaking about this because next Friday, at 12pm (MST), I'll be making a few games where anyone can team up with and/ or go against me. It will be first come, first serve, so I apologize in advance if none of you get the chance to join

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  • 12 weeks

    FUCKING SCAMMED FROM SOME INDIAN FUCKERS!!! Got a call earlier today and was told by some Indian guy that I was under federal investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering in Texas, making me quite nervous. They told me that because I'm under investigation, then my bank, USAA, will stop all of my money privileges until they make me a new Social security number! And like a God damn

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  • 21 weeks
    Would anyone like to play Jackbox?

    I got myself Jackbox 4, and was curious if anyone would like to join in some hilarious games. Mainly Survive the Internet. Might have a game set up for Sunday.

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  • 26 weeks
    This year's Video Game Awards in a Nutshell.

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  • 27 weeks
    Dauntless Reforged=Changes.

    For anyone that isn't in the know, Dauntless has had a HUGE change in it's gameplay. For those who haven't played Dauntless before, the old gameplay was like this:

    1) You select the hunt of your Choice (A specific behemoth or patrol of your choice) and wait a bit.

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Should I or Shouldn't I? · 4:43pm Apr 20th, 2016

DEADPOOL HAS 500 LIKES!!! YEAH!!! Thanks for the likes, favorites, and funny comments! You guys are the best! No, seriously! I'm tearing up here! If I were able to, I'd go to each of you and deliver the biggest hug, and the most passionate kiss to you all! (No homo for the dudes)
But, as you all read the title, this is weird, but I have sorta the Hollywood producer mindscape of "This is successful, let's make a sequel!". Yes, I am planning a sequel for D.i.E. "How can you make a sequel to it?" I hear you asking. Well, yes it's a sequel, but it's not gonna be around him. When I make it, then you'll understand, but let's just say it takes three years later. But IT'S TEARING ME APART, READERS!!! I ask of you is this simple question: Is it alright if I make this sequel right now? I'll still be working on D.i.E, and lead it to the events of said sequel, and don't worry about the sequel being a large retread, following many of the same things but poorly, but it's both a continuation and it's own tale, like many good sequels should be. And for everyone I have a crossover with, there's going to be Time travel present.

Report MrAquino · 268 views · Story: Deadpool in Equestria · #Sequel
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Huh, weird idea, but I'm all for it! GO FOR THE GOLD, MAN!

Write The Sequel. I mean if you have the time. ~squee:yay:

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