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    Hello. How you all doing? Me, I just had a flash of brilliance for my original character's (oc's), Caizo Haze story.

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Breaking News! · 1:10am Apr 20th, 2016

Hello. How you all doing? Me, I just had a flash of brilliance for my original character's (oc's), Caizo Haze story.

Here's the upside to my brilliance; I think I might add a few oc's ponies from you the viewers, or your friends's original characters (oc's), or family's oc's. Basically what I need is for you to show me a pic of your own oc, or your friend's oc, or family's oc, then explain what they do for a living, how they are portrayed, etc...

Here's the downside; you the viewer must choose a side to be on. I can only take a few good guys and a few bad guys.

On the good side, your oc will be a friend of my oc, Caizo Haze. Caizo can call or send a letter to get some back up in one of the many chapters in the story. My oc has saved your, your friend's, or your family's, oc from a terrible fate and now they want to help my oc save the innocent lives of Equestria.

On the evil side, your oc will be friends with the villains like Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Tirek, and try to kill, my oc Caizo Haze. Basically your oc is either a spy, assassin, or your oc is either a lone wolf or a team player and your oc wants to team up with other oc's. If your oc is a lone wolf, they work solo, and trying to fulfill their mission on whatever it is they are trying to do. Or if your oc is a team player, they will try to team up with the villains in Equestria or other oc's so they can accomplish their goal.

Also, take this as note, your oc will appear in some chapter(s) of the story. It won't be the first 4 chapters since I'm writing the beginning. The chapters that are opened are
Chapters 5-10
Chapters 15-20
Chapters 20-25
Chapters 30-35 (if I can stretch the story this far.)

Also, on another note, I'm going to add more of my oc's into my story so be aware of what's happening. So leave a comment or a post message if you wish for your, your friends, or your family's oc to join, if not, that's okay. I'm cool with whatever decision you make.

Red Mare

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Sounds like fun! I don't really have any original characters, but I'll defiantly read your story. Is it already published? :twilightsmile:

Not yet. I'm still working on the first 4 chapters.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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