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Post 194 ~ Mysterious Girlfriend X · 12:00am Apr 20th, 2016

You know that feeling when you find a good anime or TV series and you just start tingling with delight because it feels like you’re observing the pinnacle of human visual engineering.

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Isn't that just good anime to begin with? Cause it happens...and entry 194? Don't you mean 164?

3882033 I'm a little drunk and a little tired and all I've done today is binge watch anime; and now I've finally found one worth watching so forgive me for the dependency, eheh.

Thank you for commenting on my blogs regularly. I appreciate that. Even if it's something you disagree with or couldn't care less about you always toss in your two cents and it makes me happy.

3882068 It's alright, things like that happen. I watch too many Let's Plays and 'Games Done Quick' speed runs so I can understand a dependency on watching stuff(albeit I'm not old enough to drink so I don't know much about being drunk)
Well it's always good to talk to a friend, and I'm glad you feel happy for me talking to you:twilightsmile:(even if we disagree sometimes:derpytongue2:)

3882078 It's funny you say that, I think I've seen every speed run of Mirror's Edge between heaven and earth. It's so addictive seeing someone who knows how to do something perfectly.

Oh and one tip for when you do start drinking, don't drink at altitude. You don't know your limit when there's a lower air pressure. :heart:

3882094 It's even better when you watch a TAS(tool assisted speed run) where they can just do so many silly and hilarious things it's not even funny. But I watch a lot of speedruns like Battle Block Theater, Borderlands 2, Lagoon and a bunch of others.

Thanks for the tip, I really wouldn't want that to happen...as well as my fear of heights which can ruin it as well:twilightsheepish: but again thanks for the tip

I feel the same way about One Punch Man.

That's how I feel about Marijuana. :heart:

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