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I'll never understand some people. · 3:14pm Apr 19th, 2016

For the life of me I don't get people that hate the source material, but will stick around in a fandom just to complain about it. And I don't even mean people that are kinda meh towards the show, finding it somewhat enjoyable but not all that, and believe that the fanworks are better. That's fine and all.

However, there are people that fucking despise anything after season 1, or will proudly proclaim that they haven't watched since 2012 and that stopping was such a great decision, and yet here they are. Years later they're still on fansites specifically dedicated to the thing they absolutely hate. Like, there are other fandoms out that they could join. No one is forcing them to stay for years on a fansite for something they now hate.

And yeah, sure that have the right to comment here and elsewhere, but having the right to do something doesn't mean you should or that it's not a complete waste of your time. If anything it just shows that you can't ever let go of something.

On the topic of not being able to understand some people, those that feel betrayed by the show. I mean, yeah, I've had episodes I didn't like or ones that had characters I like holding the idiot ball. However, I'm not going to publicly proclaim that this show has betrayed me multiple times from stabbing me in the back or smacking and spitting in my face for giving it my attention. That part was a direct quote from someone, by the way. As much as I like the characters of the show, at the end of the day it's a cartoon about pastel-colored, tiny horses doing cute and funny cartoon things. If you feel personally betrayed by something that happened in it, you really need to step back and rethink your mindset towards cartoons.

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Comments ( 8 )

Well, some people aren't happy unless they have something to be miserable over.

I know how you feel Raine. Sometimes people just bitch over things so trivial and so petty on something they never were even a fan of in the first place.

Honestly speaking I haven't watched much of the show after season 3 and some of season four, but that doesn't mean I'll gripe over everything about it. Although I did watch parts of season five.

People need to understand that shows like MLP FiM isn't perfect and while it's better than some of the other show comparatively-wise, it too can sometimes fall victim of not being as good as the older seasons when possible.

Some people haven't figured out how to be actual adults yet. Some people never will.

As a great woman once said, "horses are dumb."
It's silly to get upset over silly horses doing silly things.

I want to be generous and say it's a sign of how deeply the show affected them in the past. If they truly feel let down and betrayed, it's a sign that this show for little girls was filling an emotional need in a way nothing else was doing. They made friends in the pony community, and now they don't have anywhere else that feels as close to "home."

But I don't really get it, either.

I suspect this is also a lot of people's first big fandom, so all the angsting over writers, toy companies, and shifts in tone are new to them.

To be fair, this is a rather awesome community with tons of interesting and friendly people in it, as well as a ton of content creators that do stuff the regular writing staff would never, ever dream off. (For good and ill.)

Sticking around for that sort of thing even if you've lost interest in the show-show makes quite a bit of sense.

But yeah~ The ones that claim everything after season one-two was the devil's spawn in pastel form and never shut up about it are a bit silly. It's not like those seasons didn't have their own problems.

You know, the whole Flurry Heart backlash springs to mind... and the Alicorn Twilight backlash.

Really though, this isn't limited to ONE fan-base; Every single one is shitty in some way; because you're always gonna have people from every walk of life. It's a shame really but hey, THAT'S THE INTERNET FOLKS! And oh isn't it a joy to behold...

Let em complain; let em whine; let em piss and moan. Anar Isil said it best before:-

3880639 'Well, some people aren't happy unless they have something to be miserable over'

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