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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site

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  • 2 weeks
    The Ship it Show


    Created and hosted by Tara Strong and Greg Cipes... need I say more.

    they're making this blog show on the net where you can submit it all...


    ...Anything about your favorite shipping, and they say...

    All universes and all ships welcome!

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  • 5 weeks
    Ideas for Friendship is Failure.

    Since I can't make the fics just yet, I thought I'd leave myself a memo...

    1: Moondancer's mother disowned her after Moondancer reconciled with Twilight. She hates Twilight with a bitter taste, and will rant about her, and let Moondancer have it really hard.

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  • 5 weeks
    Rebuttal: Moving on (Beast Boy)

    I was flamed and dissed on for my way of torturing Beast Boy for not getting back with Terra...

    and one those was...

    "You won't let Terra move on with her life, but I bet it would be a different story if Beast Boy wanted to move on with his life-- Hypocrite

    The only Hypocrite is the sender.

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  • 6 weeks
    What a night! (Extreme Insomnia)

    Didn't fall asleep until 5:30 am

    Partly because of nausea...

    Partly because of allergies... (How can you sleep when you sneeze so much)

    But once again, the large reason is because it happened again...!

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  • 6 weeks
    What to Do with Beast Boy #2 (My Rules)

    In relation to the first blog...

    In my fiction...

    Living happy ever after, or having a good and comfortable life...

    These things are neither RIGHTS, nor ENTITLEMENTS (You can work for them all you like and I can still not give them to you)

    They are PRIVILEGES... that I will grant to or deny depending on the character and situation.

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I'm posting fics! · 3:55am Apr 18th, 2016

Originally I said I wouldn't post any fics here, but after the rude behavior and other endless amounts of unpleasantness I have been subjected too, even long before my arrival here; (Though I kindly offered to civilly deal with it, I still got rudely brushed off)

I've decided to stand up for my own rights, and maybe finally shed some lights on the large amounts of ignorance that have been spewed my way.

But I'm not trying to pick fights here. You got problems with my fics, I'm willing to go over them civilly, you can even go to my Q&A


or you can come to Chatzy's that I'll set up, or even plain over PMs.

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