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Update for everything · 3:51am Apr 18th, 2016

Alright all you followers and others that may or may not see this *Shrug* I just wanted to let everyone know that the next few days in school are to be stupid busy with the massive end of the year test that show up.

So here is a list of my stories and all of their next chapter amounts.

A Sympony of Confusion - 80 words
Shobbit O'Gale Arrives in Equestria - 334 (I blame Season 6 Episode 5 for this :applejackunsure: )
Ace Combat: Equis - 16 (I have missplaced my 3DS promise to pump out a chapter or two as soon as testing is over and I find it.)
The Watchers - 281

Currently Unpublished Update-
A Living..... Ecosystem? - 255

Oh yeah and then at the end of my school year I'm likely to lose the machine that I am currently using because it actually belongs to my school. :twilightblush:

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Let me guess, PARCC testing? My school just did that, and for some reason, I'm that only kid that misses the testing.

3878564 Never heard of that.... I'm taking EOC's MAP and the ACT tests

3878566 Oh. Must just be where I live that hast to do it. Meh.

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