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Old-School Cameo in Shinryaku! Ikamusume · 2:22am Apr 18th, 2016

So tonight I'm getting back to watching Ikamusume, when all of a sudden, this.

That was unexpected!

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Wanderer D

Is that Nabiki!?

3877570 AND Kasumi. You never see her face, but from the hair, it's obviously her.

Wanderer D

3877572 Ye gods. I thought it was Kasumi, but damn. That's awesome.

3877573 I know, right? I love when animators do stuff like this. There was an episode of Inuyasha where Ran and Shinichi walked by in the foreground like it was nothing.

Wanderer D

3877577 Casual eyecandy for anime connoisseurs.

...I am now picturing this as a basis for a Ranma 1/2 Ikamusume crossover, where the squid girl is instead found by Ranma and added to the Nerima madness.

Well, Nabiki clearly sold a soul for eternal youth. Not necessarily her soul, mind you...

This may not have been a popular anime to some but I enjoyed it.

Wanderer D

3877605 the distinct lack of Akane says it all.

...I just realized you classified Ranma 1/2 as 'old school'.

...thanks for making me feel old. That was my first exposure to anime outside what got broadcast on public television.

3877719 How the fuck do you think I feel, ese? I'm in the same damn boat. :rainbowwild:


3877719 The Ranma 1/2 anime --or, at least, a lot of Japanese fans on Twitter-- celebrated the 27th anniversary of its first broadcast just a few days ago.

The manga turns 30 in September of next year. I was in high school when it ended in March, 1996.

So. Yeah.


Ah, that reminds me of that time when the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd made a crowd cameo in the anime of Zettai Karen Children.

I don't know what's more surprising; that cameo hidden in there, or the fact that there are other people that watch Squid Girl.

3877868 Squid girl is on my watch later list

3877868 I'm surprised the anime isn't more popular than it is. I'm also surprised it only got 24 episodes and a couple of OAVs when the manga is still ongoing, still popular, and got a nod in Splatoon in Japan.

(Then again, Splatoon being exclusive to Worst Console...yeah.)

Wanderer D

Dammit, now I can't stop watching Squid Girl. I blame you, Moth.

3878189 My plan has succeeded-geso! :trollestia:

Wanderer D

3878196 Oh well, what the hay... geso.

Wanderer D

3878196 Now I need MLP/Noh Mask Rider crossovers.

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