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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Fun with numbers and SOMBRA'S IN LOVE!!! · 11:21pm Apr 17th, 2016

I have to write this quick and post it 'cause I now have this:

and when I post this, it will turn into this weird configuration of numbers:

Cool, eh?

So, "Illusion's Reality" is up, making Mad Seeress of the North a seven-chapter beast. Finally we get a taste of what it's like for a tyrant to start losing brain cells over being in love. If you think he's messed up before he went into this battle, wait until you see how he treats Nyx once they get in the same space again for any extended period of time. Bring on the dysfunctional relationship!!!

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