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  • 79 weeks
    Story Ideas I'll Never Write: The Crossover: Judgement Day: Cornetto Trilogy: Part 2

    So where else could Sunset Shimmer end up that I would like to read. Why not Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls franchise!
    I love the setting, the lore, and exploring new mysterious lands. The question then is where she ends up? When she ends up? And in what role?

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  • 79 weeks
    Story Ideas I'll Never Write: The Crossover: Judgement Day: Cornetto Trilogy: Part 1

    I like stories where the mirror portal goes to different worlds than the generic suburban high school, or Sunset goes to X world. The more common one I've seen is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There's several of these stories, some good, some even well written. The issue is they're all to similar. They start along book one and Sunset is young enough to start year 1, but already good with

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  • 196 weeks
    So... New Pokemon Game (spoilers for Nintendo Direct)

    So a 7 min. announcement for the new Pokemon Sword/Shield (I didn't like the name but now typing it out, it's growing on me). One thing I keep seeing is everyone saying the Galar Region is Great Briton, and I don't see it. What I do see is Italy.

    pic for reference

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  • 227 weeks
    Thrift Store Find

    went to a thrift store this morning. looking through some random picture frames and what should I find but Rainbow Dash kissing Big Mac. looked like a random derpibooru pic printed and framed. I had to stop and gawk. just what story is involved with this sordid frame. who printed it, did they liked it or was it in jest. the world may never know, but now it'll forever be remembered by the

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  • 285 weeks
    something that bugs me about the Equestria Girl's mirror portal

    The Equestria Girls movie's while not that great in my opinion did introduce one of my favorite characters, Sunset Shimmer. but with her introduction comes a disparity in the line of events. how can a Sunset who's high-school age be a student of Celestia before Twilight and then have Twilight grow up all while Sunset stays in high-school? I've seen this line of events tackled many different ways

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Story Idea: Gauntlet of Fire 2: electric boogaloo · 4:47pm Apr 17th, 2016

season 6: episode 5 spoilers

So the Gauntlet of Fire episode introduced a new characture Ember, girl dragons for the win, and gives us something of a dragon society within Equestria. what I thought was interesting was since dragons are essentially neigh immortal it makes sense to have leaders only lead periodically (with the current dragon lord stepping down in the episode). so what could happen once Ember has to step down. I'd set this several decades or even centuries latter with all characters aged up or properly deceased. the plot would be a similar idea to the episode. With the new Dragon Lord to be selected Garble or other equally disagreeable dragons will threaten the rest of Equestria should they succeed. Thus it's up to Spike to win the gauntlet and become the Dragon Lord. Plot twist Spike already was a Dragon Lord, even if it was for less than a minute, and a previous Dragon Lord can't claim the title again. How will our heroes stop the more sinister dragons from claiming the scepter?

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