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"Gauntlet of Fire" · 11:14am Apr 17th, 2016

AKA The Episode That All the Bronies Really Wanted "Dragon Quest" to Be.

Hey, let's use our imaginations for a bit.

Let's say, a few years in the future, Princess Celestia decides to formally step down from the throne of Equestria, and she names Princess Twilight Sparkle as her successor. Of course, the official Transfer Of Authority ceremony is long and complicated, and takes a whole day to complete.

Four hours into the ceremony, Twilight notices something is off about one of the Royal Guards in the chamber. She magically scans the guard, and discovers they're disguising their appearance with a powerful glamour. The "guard" realizes they've been compromised and reveals their true form—and it's Ember, Lord of All Dragons! Then she blasts fire at Twilight and flees. This uncharacteristic aggression takes Twilight by surprise, and she gets a faceful of fire. Twilight tries to say she's fine, but Celestia puts the ceremony on hold and makes Twilight get a checkup at the nearest clinic.

That would be a huge deal, right? A major international incident, possibly escalating into full war between ponies and dragons if either side was feeling particularly belligerent, right?

Which brings me to this scene:

So, yeah. I don't think Twilight was thinking, What can I do? I can't possibly overpower him! She was thinking, Oh crap oh crap how can I get out of this without sparking a pony-dragon war?

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I kinda thought this interpretation was the natural one... :)

Yeah, that's pretty much the only interpretation that makes sense.

"It would be wise to be discreet," Celestia said. For Twilight, that's practically a royal command. She even hid the fact that she was teleporting herself and Rarity around.

Ohh, that totally makes sense. How did I even miss that?

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