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Bubble Boom

Bubble Boom here. I'm a jack-of-all-trades sort of gal who writes, illustrates, edits, and crafts.

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Greetings, fimfiction. · 5:43am Apr 17th, 2016

Hi, fimfiction.

I'm Bubble Boom. I am...
Professional technical communicator.
Marketing specialist
Animal lover
Artist (Illustrator is my :heart: but I can do traditional art, I just picked up watercolor)
Crafter (I spin yarn, knit, weave, clay, jewelry... uh, everything?)
Long suffering significant other of FuzzyFurvert.
Occasionally creative writer

Most of the time I'm writing marketing copy for emails, updating websites, or creating new graphics. So creative writing is very outside the norm for me. Please enjoy my offerings as I learn to expand my skills in the creative writing realm.

The Bubble Boom OC
Bubble Boom lives in Canterlot where she owns and operates a small soap and beauty product boutique. She makes all the products herself. Her goal is to make sure Canterlot stays smelling fresh and squeaky clean. Her cutie mark is a bubble about to pop.

I drew this particular piece in Adobe Illustrator, and I do love how she turned out.

Current Stories
Fluttershy's Questionably Adorable Creature Placement Service, which I recently updated with all new edits and new content.
Bubble Wrapped: Shipped Shippings. This is a shipping anthology designed to get me writing more often.

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Comments ( 5 )


You make my blogs look horrid, sweetheart.



Poor Fuzzy

► Long suffering significant other of FuzzyFurvert.

You have my sympathy. :scootangel:

You always write more though. I did my technical communicator thing.

Takes one to know one! :derpytongue2:

Pffft. :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you. :rainbowhuh:

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