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Mandatory Actions To Be Taken Immediately · 3:50am Apr 17th, 2016

A certain chitin-faced slime-drooler refuses to post a certain story that's filled with magic and wonder and light unless all of your glorious and lovely peeps retweet a certain Twittery tweet 124 times.

So what will it be, people? Will we let such an inconsiderate tyrant of a bug dictate what he will or will not post?

(Hint: NO WE WON'T!)

We will fight on the sands of [insert location here], in the great forest stands of [insert other location here]; from the [insert city here] to shining [insert sea name here], we shall not falter! Apart we are meek, sniveling earth monkies, but together! O, Together! We are a great, immutable army!

So retweet this tweet. For me. For our dear Crystal Wishes. For hope. For love. For our rights.

Are you with me?


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Comments ( 5 )

Hey! I'll have you know I stopped drooling slime nearly twenty years ago!


Then what are those stains on your shirt?! Hmmm??


And don't say it's not your drool either!

3875603 Shoosh! Just because they're green doesn't mean anything! >.>

the twitter link dont work at least it dont for me

Hmm. I might make a twitter account solely to retweet this.

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