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Zootopia: Review · 7:05pm Apr 16th, 2016

If I had to be 100% honest, I didn't had much expectations about this movie, and guys, can you blame me? I mean all of the promotional stuff and marketing wouldn't stop telling that this was made by the same jackasses who made Frozen and Big Hero 6 and on the other hand I was feeling that they were using misleading advertising by putting an anthropomorphic fox saying this was ''like nothing you've seen be-fur'', even considering that this was freaking Disney we're talking about.

But well, I'm a good citizen and I wasn't going to resist my social labor of going to see the newest Disney's movie. That and the fact that I really needed to clear my mind from other godawful piece of fucking shit of a movie I recently saw, and no, it's not BvS.

And now that I've seen it I can say that;

This is the best Disney's animated movie since Wreck-it Ralph.

And I don't want that to be misinterpreted as ''It's not as crappy as the rest of stuff they've recently made'' no, I mean this is a genuinely good movie.

As you may have noticed the movie takes place in a world dominated by anthropomorphic animals; our protagonist Judy Hopps is a country rabbit raised by a farmer family who dreams in becoming the first rabbit police officer in the world, dream that includes perform her duty in the city of Zootopia, a fantastic metropolis inhabited by all kinds of animals predator and prey who have reunited to live in harmony by the ideal ''In Zootopia anyone can be anything''

Armed with a will of titanium who completely ignores the meaning of ''give up'' Judy Accomplishes her goal and is assigned to Zootopia's police, sadly for her things didn't turned out as she was expecting and soon she realizes her dream slowly becomes a nightmare, however Judy refuses to give up and she manages to get the case of a missing animal, to solve the case she manages to get the help of a fox called Nick Wilde, a con-artist who specializes in, let's call it ''second-hand food sale'' and then this odd couple builds a makeshift police investigation that not only slowly guides them to their missing animal but also leads them to undercover a conspiracy that could destroy Zootopia.

And when I say conspiracy, I mean a real conspiracy not something like the ''thing'' that was presented in Amazing Spider-Man 2 or something.

Ok, at this point you're probably thinking that this isn't something that particularly shines for it's originality, and you'd be right it's not something very original, but guys, when we have loved Disney for being original? Besides even if the movie does not shine for it's originality, it does really shine for absolutely EVERYTHING else. The characters, world, plot, graphic and verbal humor, parliaments and the discussion themes put on screen.

Jokes aside, what firstly appeared as a buddy-buddy comedy turned out to be Disney's production that had more balls to talk about delicate subjects, since I don't know ''The Hunchback of Notre Dame''

I mean seriously, this is a movie with a massive social conscience expressed by talking about subjects such as racist and gender stereotypes, social discrimination, personal aspirations against social expectations, tolerance, social inclusion, there's even two very, very intense bullying scenes which I'm surprised it made out to the final cut, considering how extremely paranoiac 'Merica has become with this subjects. And the best part is that each and every of this scenes and sociological elements integrate organic and ingeniously in the plot, none of it feels rushed or wasted or put there because they can put it there unlike Inside Out's psychological and neuropsychological elements. Of course that didn't stopped a fuckton of asswipes on the internet from talking shit and pretend they know anything about psycology, amirite fuckwits?

And the best part is that unlike many SJW pandering movies, this one is subtle and realist with it, it doesn't victimize the characters but it does put them in tough spots for them to discuss and overcome the difficulties and themes on the movie. Like it should be, their crusade feels worth because they overcome their hardships by themselves and by growing as individuals and becoming better people because of it instead of just playing victim and having everything handed over.

And it doesn't end there, Zootopia is not the kind of movie that settled just one valuable lesson, while the ''no to discrimination, yes to social inclusion'' is the main morale of the film, through many characters and their experiences throughout the film, the movie gives lessons about resilience, loyalty, about not letting people limit and/or tell us what we are or we aren't capable of, about not letting a letdown ruin a dream, that everything is impossible until someone makes it possible, and that yes, sometimes the world sucks and people suck as well, but hey, even though life is not perfect, it's still worth living.

But, there would be no point to all of this if the movie had a C-class plot and characters, right? Thank god, this is not the case. It's actually the strongest suit this movie has, their awesome characters and specially their main duo.

Even though the story is not very original, it is a magnificently told one. At the point that I could feel again something that I wasn't able to feel for quite some time with disney's and in a small degree pixar's movies, and that is having a splendid story immersion, immersion that comes out from an astonishingly executed plot, from real charming and charismatic characters, from a history that justifies it's context wonderfully, the character's personalities and even rationales behind their decisions; a history where the plot twist stack organically and their consequences doesn't feel like something that exist with the sole purpose of advancing the plot.

Let's take Cheif Bogo for example, it's okay to think that he's merely the asshole boss stereotype that put to test our heroine, and in some measure, he is, but it's not that simple, we're talking about a character who is the principal responsible of the city's security, and whose subordinates are entirely composed of powerful predators or large preys, and, most likely are HIS choice of officers. So when the city council literally shoves a cute bunny on his lines, it is expected that the guy isn't particularly happy, that he's not sure that she can accomplish the same things like her imposing partners and that he's not particularly interested on helping her to accomplish rookie dreams. His attitude towards Judy is convenient to the movie, of course it is, but is not just that, it is credible and realist.

It's details like these that make the movie genuine and tangible, and it's because of this that if at some point of the movie I felt fear, joy, sadness or concern it was because of my connection with this characters and their crusade, not because it was something the movie WANTED me to feel on that exact moment.

But a masterpiece is as big as it's biggest flaw, and that's why this is such an amazing movie, because it doesn't have any big flaws, I really had to squeeze my brain to find major flaws to this movie, and even if there are scenes that are less favorable to the movie, discussing them would be blaming the movie from... Being a freaking movie from telling a fictional story, and there's no point on that.

The only two parts of the movie that would be worth of discussion would be... Don't run away! I'm not going into details, it's major spoilers free.

OK, as I was saying the first thing would be when Judy and Nick use the city cameras to back up their investigation , the scene itself doesn't have anything bad, but it raises several questions to the other unsolved ''missing animal'' cases that were never solved, I mean they couldn't be the first ones to think of using the cameras, but then why any of the other cops couldn't use this method to help on their investigations?

Although we can assume that the other cases happened on blind spots, or the cameras were sabotaged, but it would have been nice to tell us that. And the second thing is the pause between the second and the third act of the movie when Judy goes home and thanks to a massively big coincidence stumbles across the missing piece to solve the case. And bringing Gideon to apologize from that isolated event from 15 years ago, that was just forced as hell.

There's other little details that may be off but, the movie manages to cover and/or justify them and most of the unanswered questions mostly are from the subtext or the non important context of the movie.

Although It does have something that I didn't liked, it's not a flaw and I'm not going to recriminate it to the movie, but Disney instead, and the thing is that this is the third movie that we have to wait until the climax of the movie to know the villain, true true, it's not as ridiculously predictable like BH6's or as olimpically forced as Frozen's, but it's been a while since we had a great Disney villain on screen and I want my great villain.

Buuuuut, even though we have not a great villain we do have one of the best heroines in the history of the company, and I mean a REAL heroine a REAL strong woman, who thank god is not like other modern ''heroines'' whose virtues are being irrationals, selfish, etc. No she's brave, optimistic, honest, genuinely funny, open minded, doesn't waste a single opportunity to help someone and she's very very intelligent, to the point when she outsmarts her sly fox companion several times.

I feel like it's been an eternity since Disney got me adoring one of their movies so vociferously, not only because how much I enjoyed seeing it but because how good it really is, and maybe that's the reason of why I couldn't find many flaws on it. Well that and that I was absorbed the whole film by Judy's eyes.

I mean really look at those eyes

You know what, that picture made me forgot about what was I talking about...

I think I was talking about of the fact that even though I did like the song Try Everything mostly because it perfectly describes Judy's crusade, I would have liked other theme song, for the movie.

Overall it's an excellent movie definitely the best I've seen so far this year, highly recommended and 100% approved.

I give Zootopia an 8/10

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Comments ( 17 )

Right? I really liked Zootopia as well. :yay:

My sister and I couldn't help but laugh when Finnick spoke. :rainbowlaugh:

3874562 Oh girl, that was something really hilarious.

Although, the parts that had me laughing like a maniac were ''I'm just a dumb bunny, but we're good at multiplying'' and flash's last scene, that was genuinely hilarious.

3874577 I didn't get the first joke you mentioned until after the movie. :derpytongue2:

3874590 lel, the people on my theater got it like 2 second later. Also, dat tiger jumscare really did got me good.

3874593 I kind of jumped as well. :derpyderp1:

3874596 It's kind of ironic that a kids movie did a better job scaring us than every ''terror movie'' in the past 16 years or so.

And that arrival scene, that was beautiful beyond words.

Hey I was wondering if you would help me write a fanfiction series called 'Hotel SunTea' , I'm pretty crappy at writing stories and could use your input.

4142818 I can help you edit the fic and give you some advice if you want, I'm not precisely someone who executes well an idea, but I can try and help you.

We can talk in a PM.

alright thanks so much, can you set up the PM for me

4142843 Didn't I already do that?

there's even two very, very intense bullying scenes which I'm surprised it made out to the final cut, considering how extremely paranoic 'merica has become with this subjects.

Ain't that the truth...

Also, yeah, this is around an eight.

Same thoughts as your last review with the visuals, but again, this was well put together.

4150150 Thanks ma bro! :raritywink:

4150154 A problem America has is that it wants to tackle heavy subjects, but does it with all the grace of a rolling hippo. They want to slowly take off the band aid, letting it be as painful as possible, worried to offend someone, or something. They're not realizing how simple, and mundane most these issues have become to the general public, and are not trying to actually show us what we all know is true.

If you want to tackle a heavy subject, the best way to do it is to be direct. This is a current you shouldn't alternate.:trollestia:

4150167 So much truth man.

4150171 I need to start some so of church of random truth preaching, and speak it all in a gospel musical sing -song voice.

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