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  • 2 weeks
    Hey, want to feel instantly a creaking ancient relic, OR~ like a confused baby with no idea what the adults are talkign about?

    Joke aside, I wonder if there's enough Jetson fans left, that are also preggers, that this causes an uptick in the name 'George' that makes statisticians scratch their heads for a bit in thirty-forty years?

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  • 6 weeks

    Tis' the day today! :yay:

    ...Of turning 35. :fluttershbad:

    The joke aside, was a pretty good day. Hope it was too you others as well.

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  • 7 weeks
    Dark day for women's rights in the US

    I know I try to avoid politics, but wow. The USA just... well, Roe v. Wade just got overturned.

    Source Link.

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    14 comments · 183 views
  • 7 weeks
    So~ one of my all-time favorite youtubers is loosing his mind

    Some of you guys might know him. He goes by Life of Boris.

    Bit of an inspiration for me. Barely knew a thing about Slavic culture or food before I started watching him. I was vaguely aware of squatting, track suits and vodka, but that was about it.

    He's always been weird, but normally he's cool-weird. Like that time he made a computer run on vodka.

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  • 9 weeks
    Ark free on steam

    Crosspost from Discord:

    For those of you that hate your hardrive/s and wish it/them to suffer, Ark is currently free on Steam.

    Steam Page.

    Like, Jesus, with the free maps, it's almost 330 gigabyes!

    Heard good things aside from the 'DLC despite being in EA' scandal, but never played it.

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Mystery Skulls Animated - Freaking Out · 10:55am Apr 16th, 2016

I so called the dog actually being a kitsune thing! :rainbowkiss:

Other then that... A really cool act 2, but would have liked a little bit more story pay-off.

Still, going to be extremely intriguing to see where this story is actually going.

Comments ( 7 )

The story is definitely starting to get interesting, it's also pretty cool to see the ghost guy back.

On another musical note, the way they all keep in time to the beat really reminded me of the game Crypt of the Necrodancer.


Lewis, you mean? Yeah, glad to see he didn't just move on at the end of the last one.

I'm quite curious about that 'Cherry Dryad/Oni' girl and what her deal is, though.

I mean, she's rather blatantly about as human as Lewis and has a slasher smile bad enough to freak Freddy Crueger out, but so far she's only gone after the 'dog.' She even backed down and refocused after getting her freaking head punched off after all.

So from what little we've seen so far and judging from her garb, she could actually be a legitimate if off-kilter shrine maiden/priestess type. :rainbowderp:

I got the impression she was intimidated by Lewis, felt he was far more powerful maybe. As for her focus I was thinking, 'Crazy Ex', 'Yandere', or 'good old fashioned revenge'. Crazy Ex kinda fits with the story right? Yandere is self explanitary. As for revenge, maybe she use to be stronger but a lot of her power was stolen? There's a lot of ways she could have been wronged...

It's really good to see Mystery Ben and his crew making progress.


If you're curious, there have been a few hints about both Mystery-the-dog's true nature and the new antagonist for some time; in the case of the former, small hints in the video are compounded by a couple of things from the artist's tumblr, most notably the character page. The same page was also one of the few hints about the dryad creature (Shiromori, I believe) as of the end of 2014, as well as her link to Mystery. If you're looking for more hints, I'd suggest browsing over his archive, and perhaps those of his collaborators.

In case you were wondering, the artist is also rather clearly 'one of us'.


As an aside, the term for movement and events syncing with the music is Mickey Mousing; these animations are an especially clear version, given that they even bob to the beat.

hey lord of Dorkness did you see this video?


Yeah, also really cool. Just thought it a bit premature to post about since it's 'just' an animatic so far.

From the artist's tumblr, there appears to be issues with starting it, so its likely its going to stay in hiatus indefinitely.

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