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Zootopia is one of the top 50 highest grossing movies · 7:37am Apr 14th, 2016

If you're obsessed with Zootopia like I am, then you'll find the following news to be very encouraging. Zootopia has officially found its way onto Wikipedia's list of the top 50 highest grossing movies of all time, holding a spot at #46 at the time of this blog post. I would like to thank the Zootopia News Network for sharing this information. If that weren't encouraging enough, Zootopia is far from done with the box office. Despite competition from Superman Vs. Batman, Zootopia has shown to have some surprising longevity. It will no doubt continue to make money well throughout April at the very least. For further information on this subject, I'd recommend seeing this video about Zootopia's box office results:

I can't wait to see how high Zootopia will hop up that list. Also, if you want to hear my opinions on Zootopia, you can check out my review.

Update: On another exciting bit of news, it seems Zootopia just hit the #5 spot on Rotten Tomatoes's 100 Best Animated Movies list. Again, I thank ZNN for sharing this information.

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