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16 year old Aussie nerd. Fan of MLP, Pokemon, HTTYD and a heap of other things. Mainly write Trixie stories and Scootaloo stories, because those characters are adorable >w<

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    So much other stuff is happening with school and life in general and it looks like I just won't get the few solid hours to sit down and write over the next year. I'm really sorry about this but yeah it can't be helped. I am writing a film script for English Extension 2, it has nothing to do with ponies but if anyone here is interested I can share it with you. So far I've only got a story and

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Changing The Next Story · 5:13am Apr 14th, 2016

After writing the whole first 1,000 words of my new story, I realised:
a. It was too long to a be one-shot
b. I'd already done the basic idea about ten times, but with Twilight instead of Fluttershy
c. A much better idea was starting to come into my head anyway
So I'm ditching that new story, and starting on another one instead. It's frustrating to work on something and then not upload it but I think it was the right thing to do.
It will still have Trixie, and quite likely Fluttershy in it as well, but it's a different idea.
Sorry to hold everyone up, again, but yeah ^^;

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