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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • Monday
    Post Turkey Day update

    Or actually, in my case, post-Turducken day (chicken breast stuffed inside a duck breast stuffed inside a turkey breast). Yes, it exists, and I prefer it to turkey for having a variety of flavors instead a single type of meat:


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  • 6 days
    Two announcements and a Feathered Hearts teaser

    First, I have a new Feathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles chapter in prereads, but even when the edits are in, I’m not going to release it yet. I promised before that I would not release more until I got the story written to the start of the Cloven War, at which point I’ll release the chapters in rapid-fire, one per day or every other day. I expect that to happen by Christmas if

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  • 1 week
    And now for something different...

    I'm going to attempt my first-ever story commission. It will be M-rated and Equestria Girls-based, involving the one-by-one ascension of each of the Humane 6 to the same kind of Goddess form like Daydream Shimmer. M-rated because the ascensions themselves will be a very... sensual process.

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  • 2 weeks
    Nightmare Night chapter 36 in prereads

    Got 2 out of 3 prereads in at this moment, both positive. That means the chapter will launch either tonight or tomorrow morning, tipping the scales at 9k words. Two sex sections and two non, with the latter being seen from Sunset’s perspective on her entry into the castle and first meeting with a curse-corrupted Twilight.

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  • 2 weeks
    Moving on...

    Two weeks late, a new Nightmare Night chapter is finally nearing completion. My apologies for the delay, but my muse has been elsewhere (on Feathered Hearts) and it just had not been coming quickly. It should be going to prereaders shortly, and be released either Saturday or Sunday depending on when the prereads are in. Helping matters is that I have today off and can work on it.

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TLaTU Chapter 17 on track... · 9:43pm Apr 12th, 2016

New TLaTU chapter is at 7,000 words and growing; it's a very collaborative effort and I think everyone's going to be pleased by its direction. More surprises ahead, and only a little understated M-rated action this time.

And just so people know, I modified the previous chapter to remove the final Phoenix/Twilight section where Phoenix questions if he's being used, since I decided it was too jarring and too much of a downer. The Phoenix/Twilight sections now end with them going back to the beach house. The section will reappear in the new chapter, in modified form.

Aiming for chapter release this weekend. Here's a preview:

An hour later found Twilight nearly two miles away from the VIlla, having sought out the darkest corner of beach she could. The breeze felt deliciously cool against her bare skin, but she barely noticed, lost in her own brooding thoughts.

As night fell fully, she transformed back into a pony, sitting at the edge of the water and staring out into the distance. She had never felt more alone than she had then, suddenly feeling her alienness in Phoenix’s world more than ever. I don’t belong here… she thought more than once, reflecting again on all the myriad differences between her world and Earth, and how they once again conspired to come between her and her chosen stallion.

I chose him… but did he really choose ME? The question made her lip quiver and eyes water again. Did I somehow MAKE him my mate? Is he right and is my magic trying to make him a pony, alter both his body and mind so he can be my dream stallion? The breeze picked up and she shivered again, less from the cool temperatures than the chill in her heart. But magic can’t do that… can’t alter someone’s heart… she recited one of Celestia’s long-ago lessons, trying to find comfort in it. But I’m the Element of Magic. So if anypony’s magic COULD do it, it would be mine…

She found no answers, and was not yet willing to ask the princess for aid. I’ve bothered her enough in all this. Just let her have her vacation, she told herself, wondering again what she and Maya were doing that they didn’t want to tell them about.

She stayed out another hour, forming and discarding another dozen theories as to what happened. The one she had had come up with first still rang the truest; it had to have been her mating magic acting on him that altered his anatomy. And he’s right… I think it happened every time before we rutted with me as a pony; we just never noticed it before this… she conceded the validity of his logic, cold comfort though it was.

There were a few other people out walking as midnight approached, but she paid them no mind, knowing there was little light at water’s edge and her dark coat made her nearly invisible… to most. At one point, a large dog broke away from its owners and ran up to her, barking loudly; she’d dealt with that by simply picking him up in her aura and dangling him in the air until he whimpered and whined, then lowered him back down gently and allowed him to run away with his tail between his legs, heading back to his owners, casting an invisibility spell before his owner’s flashlight could illuminate her. She’d felt a little guilty for it afterwards--he hadn’t deserved that; she certainly got along well enough with Applejack’s dog Winona--but she really didn’t want to be disturbed.

Her magic was coming much easier to her now than it had just a couple days earlier, but it brought her no comfort. Any other time, the fact that her full power was returning to her even in this magic-poor world would have been worthy of celebration and investigation, but now it only heightened her fears. For the more power she had, the more likely she was to accidentally affect Phoenix.

And haven’t I affected him enough already? The guilt came back full force. I mean, how much of ANY of this is real? Our love? Our lovemaking? She had a sudden, very strong memory of him accidentally taking her beneath the tail and found, to her horror, that she was responding to it, her aura glowing pink, attracting the attention of more passersby; she hid this time by teleporting fifty meters behind them, the sweep of their flashlight only catching her departing burst of light.

She tried to feel revulsion at the act again, but felt only memories of the pleasure it had given her, her mind and body responding the sheer exoticness and unexpectedness of the act, the mere idea of it causing excitement within her. As if I don’t have ENOUGH to feel bad about! She took another shuddering breath, trying to will her excitement back to bay, though the only thing that did was turning her attention back to Phoenix, worrying anew about him and what she had been doing to him.

In the end, her fears growing and lacking all answers, she transformed again and took the long walk back to the Villa. Arriving, she began to teleport inside, but stopped herself. No more magic… she told herself, taking out the house key and putting it in the lock. She went upstairs to find Phoenix sleeping in the bed, if somewhat fitfully. She wanted very badly to climb in with him, comfort both him and herself, but in the end she sensed their need for separation and went back downstairs, curling up with a blanket on the sofa.

Sleep did not come easily.

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Aww, it's so sad! And Phoenix isn't all about getting used anymore!

Theres a lot more to come people, stay tuned

3866112 I'm all about it! I'll buy her a new kitchen sink so long as the pony keeps coming in.

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