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The Search for King Sombra or Adventures in Gameloft's My Little Pony, part 1 · 6:46am Apr 12th, 2016

So something silly tonight in the hopes there are other players of Gameloft's My Little Pony out there who would enjoy this or would like to hook up on the game.

I haven't played for a while, then I saw they finally got King Sombra in the Gameloft game.

I was like

So guess I gotta pony up, as it were, and get the Mane Six to get my Sombra. Well, every King needs a harem, right? 'kay, why not?

Ugh, who writes this stuff anyways? I could write better laid up in the hospital in a coma :twilightangry2:

Heh, looks like someone else is at least as excited as I am he's coming to Canterlot!

You are definitely going to get your man, uh pony, uh King, yeah, right, whatever. He won't be able to resist you, Flutters! :heart:

So I collect the Mane Six and eagerly wait the few minutes I think it'll take him to appear. Will it be by balloon? Will it be in a cloud of sexy, evil black smoke?

After a few minutes, which turn into hours, (I check periodically after the first five minutes), which turn in to TWO DAYS, I email Gameloft in mild annoyance asking where the Tartarus he is, but in a NICE WAY so they will feel bad for me and want to give him to me.

After ANOTHER day or two, I ask a fellow FIMFic gamer I know has him what happened when she got him in her world. It was a while back, it turns out and the rules have changed since then. He was a game anniversary gift and now you gotta work for him. Ugh, yeah I did and they are not putting out *snarl!*

So, where is my Somby? Will he ever show up? Are they having to use some mystical virtual superglue to put him back together since he was blown up? Stay tuned until next week to find out if he appears or if Fluttershy got all dressed up for nothing!

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That's weird, you should have gotten Sombra once you got the mane six, that's how I got him. However sometimes ponies just pop up on sale for gems, so I would keep my eyes peeled out for that. That's how I got both DIscord and the Mane-i-ac (I think that's how you type the name).

Sombra seems to be rather shy though, he tends to just keep to one corner in Canterlot, near his castle in my world. Funniest thing happened once though with him, as you probably have noticed the ponies sometimes rise up on their hind legs and start dancing. One such dance party happened in Sombra's walking path, he stopped, sort of tilted his head, then turned around and walked way as if he was saying "nope, not touching that one". :rainbowlaugh:

But as I mentioned, he might pop up on sale in the store, it happens all the time for various rare ponies.


That's weird, you should have gotten Sombra once you got the mane six, that's how I got him.

Heh, don't worry. I won't say what happens until next week, tho...that'd be SPOILERS! :rainbowlaugh:

If you still play the game and want to hook up (or if anyone else wants to hook up for that matter), my code is 444b40. I think that's how one connects to other peeps anyways.

3865365 I've sent you an invite, I have no idea what that thing calls me since Gameloft changed the whole social aspect of this thing, but I've sent an invite at least.

I don't play a lot, but I occasionally check in, mostly to see if a new pony is on sale or stuff. I am planning though of rebuilding Ponyville of sorts, but haven't gotten to far with it just yet, so it is a bit of a mess.

Edit: Apparently the game calls me Aunt Pie.

I um... yeah, wonder if you can change it. :twilightoops:

3865372 And...you are added! Tried to send a gift, too, but it doesn't tell me if it worked or not.

I only got back into playing again during my last job when I had a lot of downtime, then I found out I could get Somby and that was it. I was back into it :pinkiegasp:

The game calls me Granny Night for some dumb reason I can't figure out either. If you stumble upon how to change our lame names, lemme know! :pinkiehappy:

Wish I could help, but I was one of those people (read: obsessive players) that'd had the game since early days...you should've heard the SQUEE I made when I got the announcement...XD

I am curious though, as I seen that same announcement up there on my sisters iPad when I installed the game for her. She hasn't completed the collection yet, so..hm..

Maybe you have to finish some of the quests first? I recall the game being stupidly pedantic in its earlier iterations, refusing to let any of the Mane 6 move in unless the quests called for it. I tried setting AJ up in ponyville (prior to the Sweet Apple Acres update), and the game removed her to storage the next time I booted it up. Weird. Could be its being blocked by something like that, seems a tad dumb though...

He looks for to tame :)

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