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[Personal] Regarding Cormac and I. · 2:07am Apr 12th, 2016

If any of y'all have been following me since I began writing, I think a majority know that my main editor Cormac McCloppy and I have been dating for well over a year now. We were friends for more than year before we first bonded while editing my first fic Music to His Ears, since then we have met each other in person more than several times in the span of a year. Today we are still together and love each other, that is not changing anytime soon. (or ever, really.)

In the past few months however we have been discussing one minor change...

I think it's safe to say a majority of my followers know I am transgender, whether it be through my writing, LGBT, Transgender Bronies, or anywhere else across FIMFiction. In the past year my partner Cormac has been going through the same, discussing their struggles with gender dysphoria and wanting to transition in the future. Unfortunately due to barriers IRL, this is not possible at the current time. Until then however, to make a step forward they will be presenting as herself on FIMFiction from now on.

In short, Cormac will now be known as Madeline L-Equine and go by feminine pronouns (she/her/bitch/etc.) I please ask if you refer to my girlfriend, or want to talk to her, just please keep this in mind. Thank you all for reading.

Also I love you hon. :heart:

—Lady Froey

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Comments ( 13 )

My best to the both of you, as ever.

May you both see happy days now and in the future; cant wait for more stories ^_^

Been working on the chapter today, look forward to something, sometime. When it's ready...


3864540 i look forward too it, this story among a few others are the only things i ever really have to look forward to most days. Trying my hand at writing again but the muse is so far and in between

I am so happy for you two. It must be nice knowing who you are, and especially being able to be yourselves.

This Trixie x Adagio picture is so much better than all the SunDagio crap people keep writing.

(Also I love you too hon. :heart:)

Yeah, talk about overrated. :derpytongue2:

It's a pleasure to know you, Miss Madeline! I hope you do well!



Yay for the addition to the group! Kinda, just the new format edition addition :yay:

The Trans Agenda corrupts another youth. :raritydespair:
Somehow the pure, virtuous and god-fearing soul of Cormac has been led astray by your sultry wiles!


Eh? I did not expect this. I have been out of the loop!
But I tried to make sure I did not miss this blog post from April 1st.

But hey. Life is short and troublesome! Whatever makes you happy is good, bitch. :rainbowkiss: :heart:

3864689 are there any fics with Trixie x Adagio? I have not found any (then again had never thought to look)

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