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<- this horse is gay and there's nothing you can do about it

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  • 192 weeks
    crawls out of my well

    hello. i am working on the next chapter of iwpft, if anyone is still actively waiting after uhhhh a. year. god help you if you're waiting for updates on one of my older fics bc well! good luck.

    anyways. i wanted to show off my latest horse art wip. you should check out my da! i actually like. post on there.

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  • 218 weeks
    not dead

    im terrible at updates. whoops. i wasnt prepared for this will just be an update a year forever and anon and thats just what has to be accepted

    if you like wings of fire though im slightly better at updating my fanfiction for that

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  • 233 weeks

    my blog detailing how a user of this site tried to take sexual advantage of me as a child is worth removing, but the user who actually did it can stay i guess. wonderful

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  • 233 weeks
    [chanting] fluff tag! fluff tag!

    Who do I have to petition to get a fluff genre tag added to this site? Like I don't know about y'all but I am feeling soft and sentimental and there must be enough stories that are just warm and comforting to justify the tag. I'm begging. Slice of Life does not BEGIN to cover the emotion I want to convey here. If there can be a tag specifically for stories in the second person there has to

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  • 233 weeks
    mini story survey (?)

    I forgot just how many story ideas I had going, to be perfectly honest. (Wish I had that kind of motivation now - hopefully it comes back with practice!) Which stories have been your favorites? Anything you'd like to see rewritten / completed?

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My Pony Confessions · 4:02am Aug 29th, 2012

-I often use pony terms, such as 'everypony' and 'buck you'

-If I am having difficulty with something - like falling asleep or working on a project - I will almost always ask a pony for help, either aloud or in my head. (Example: Dear Princess Luna, please help me find dreams in your night." or "Twilight Sparkle, could you help me with this?")

-I find myself acting like a certain pony during the phase that I enjoy drawing them.

-I actually do not ship any of the main six with canon or OC ponies without a long preface that gives emotion to the ship. (I outgrew throwing them together a while ago)

-I daydream (and normal dream) about ponies.

-I read and look at clop stories/art, but do not clop. However, I don't care if you do or not.

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