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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk.

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    So, it's 11th of September, which means I get to remember that time the US supported a brutal dictatorship here in Chile, that lasted seventeen years, and which fallout we're still dealing with.

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    So, the story is heavily based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. Therefore, there's a lot of Victorian England going on in the background in order to evoque that mix of Gothic Horror and Shonen Adventure. Which got me thinking about how much would it really take to portray Equestria and an Imperial Power.

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    This is the end of the first arc. Sorry for the delays.

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    Twilight couldn’t see the world around her.

    No, that wasn’t it.

    She could see the world around her, but it barely registered for her. All there was in her vision was a red blur...

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    Sorry for last week without updates. I promise I will make up for it with a double one down the line. I do not dare to say when, because when I do that, the universe folds onto itself to prevent me from doing so. So, just enjoy this chapter, which I'd gladly call "the one where things go for a spin". But first, recap time!

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    Yeah, I ran out of synonyms to avoid the obvious name. Also, this is where the story should be taking a more consistent pace. Or better yet stop looking like loose scenes and actually drive somewhere. To where? I don't know, as I'm avoiding to plan too far ahead, but at least it's not another "practice chapter". Hell, if I can get through a first act, I may as well recompile everything, re-edit

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Actually, I'm Dead: Chapter 16's 300 words preview · 2:01am Apr 10th, 2016

Due to a scene still on the works, I'm afraid Chapter 16 wont be up this week. However, as I promised on the previous post, I will give you guys a preview of it. Enjoy it while I get to finish the full chapter.

Trixie trotted down the streets of Canterlot. The last time she was there, she was the little orphan living at Celestia’s School’s rooms that no one paid any mind to. When she finally had it with the everlasting pressure of the School, plus the constant rejection the high class had for her, she decided to leave Canterlot behind her in every sense. Trixie never lamented that decision, after all, that’s how her constant roaming through the roads of Equestria began and that’s how she met some sorts of a family. At the end, leaving Canterlot gave Trixie way more than the city never offered to her.

And yet, there she was, stepping on the same streets she feared when she was a filly and loathed when she became a mare. Trixie couldn’t help but remember her first day at Canterlot. She had just made her very first escape act on the orphanage when she hopped into a vegetables cart at the train from Hoofington to Canterlot. The trip was long and she fell asleep not so long after getting in. When she woke up, everything was dark. It took Trixie a moment to realize the train was inside a tunnel, and when she did, the train reached the light at the other side. That was when Trixie first saw the city.

Trixie still remembered that first impression. The size, the extension, the design and the colors. It was like seeing an illusion inside a dream. But at the same time, it was imposingly solid. Once the train stopped at the station and Trixie managed to sneak outside without being seen, she saw the streets of Canterlot right in front of her, with all the movement and life of a cosmopolitan metropolis. It was challenging, almost as if the city was talking to Trixie, telling her that it was there before she was born and it would still be there after she died.

Trixie took the challenge.

“Uff!” The impact of a lamppost on her face took Trixie out of her flashback and back to reality. “Stars freakin’ damn it!” Away were the memories of the little filly making her way into the pony capital. She stood still for a moment, realizing just where she was; right in front of Celestia’s School of Gifted Unicorns.

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