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People have asked me lately... · 11:56pm Apr 9th, 2016

"Do you think you could just end Sensation right now? Please?"***
To you, dear reader, I say...

New chapter of Sensation is up! Go give it a read! :raritystarry:

***To clarify, the context is always "They seem happy. I wish the story would end now."

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Comments ( 5 )

Do people actually ask you that?

Three different people since the last chapter came out, actually. :scootangel:

I am also stunned.


Miiiiiiiiiiiiiight have confused y'all a bit. What I meant was, people keep asking if it can just end, because Soarin' and Braeburn seem so happy. They want to believe that the story could end right now, and they're afraid of what might happen next. Sorry for the confusion. :twilightblush:

I see. I was thinking along the lines of they thought it was taking too long. Not me of course, but I've seen people make the same complaint over shorter stories. Good to know it's over the fact your writing is doing it's job.

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