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Whinny City Pony Con 2016 Addendum! (MOAR PICS!!!) · 6:58pm Apr 8th, 2016

So yesterday, Syl got his package from Zol and I. :pinkiehappy:

Now... I could be mean, and give you all a link to the video he recorded for us of him opening the package, but I've decided to be generous and spare him the embarrassment... So here are the pictures I took of the purchases as we (for the most part, Zol) got them.

This is apparently going to be a thing for us EW writers, because Zol wound up getting one for each member of the Troll Squad (including our little 'sister', Destiny-brave-fire).

Purchased at The Brony House table, the print was just too gorgeous to pass up, and we all know how Syl loves to write about Daring Do. All things considered, the badge was really a no-brainer... and the print... Well... Again... Gorgeous!

Originally, these were the only two Zol was going to send to Syl, but then he decided to throw in one of the ones he'd chosen for himself -

Because - as we in the EW generally agree - Luna is best Princess.

Purchased in the same gift bag as my Vinyl Scratch cellphone charm by Zol, it was, again, a no-brainer to get the King Sombra one for Syl. King Sombra is easily Syl's favorite villain, and I believe he's even got a side-story started somewhere about him... But that's waiting for a while... He has too much on his plate as it is...

Finally, my own small contribution to the care package (beyond pointing Zol at stuff) - a patch of Daring Do's cutie mark. :scootangel: Is not much by comparison, but still... It pleases me that I was able to get him something myself.

As you might imagine, Sylvian was very pleased to get everything, even as he cursed at me for telling everyone BUT him what would be in the package. :rainbowlaugh:

Travel and Money Gods willing, he'll be joining us for CiderFest this fall. :yay: But if not, next year! Wheeeeeeee!!!

That's all for now folks! Update on TtS07 will go up this coming Tuesday. :twilightsmile:

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I was over-joyed to get the package, as I am sure you can all imagine :pinkiehappy:

And yes, gods and money willing I am going to get my backside out to Ciderfest! :trollestia:

Next year would be a maybe for me, and a pretty big one at that. Depends on if I get a job this summer and what the hours are for that. :applejackunsure:

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