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Just a thought... · 4:57pm Apr 8th, 2016

When it come to EqG fics, does it bother anime to see real-world names in a world where everyone had a pony-style name? I policies real world people to compensate for that in 7DSJ, because to me it's weird, but does anyone really have an opinion on (for example) Sunset Shimmer admiring the fact that Isaac Newton was an alchemist?

Just curious to know what you think.

Also, in unrelated news, I'll probably stream this weekend. This might interest you, as I may discuss something interesting that came up this past week.

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Well it varies I'd think as in that world Isaac Neighton just wouldn't feel right. :derpytongue2:

I already think of the EQG world as an alternate Earth so it doesn't bother me really, given most of the people are alternates to someone in Equestria. I also don't have an issue with things like Neuton that you mentioned. Having the real world names for some people and places and such mixed in I think gives the world some personality, and keeps it from being a complete carbon copy of Equestria with humans. That and it preserves a lot of puns. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

I like puns ( /snails voice)

when will the stream be?

I dunno, while few, ponies aren't strangers of having human names. I think having a full human name would feel a little out of place for me, but it's not big deal in the end

I'll announce it just before I go in. Dunno yet when that'll be.

*scratches head* Not really, but I'm someone who tries to give the EqG characters actual human names if I ever get around to writing anything so headcanon wise it's not a problem.

3857033 not really i think I cant remember what story it was but it had both and was explained as the ponies like names came from the fact that the border between worlds is so thin in the canterlot area that its the norm but further out names become what we think of as normal so ya if used right it blends well.

Bit of an oddity, but our names have meanings too - granted, we tend to pack enough meanings for two pony names at least per person, but it shouldn't be too difficult to tease out one from the other. I'd be something like Gracious Gift, for example. Might be worth looking into if it bothers anyone.

I could see the Equestria style names as something from a culture that doesn't exist in our world. Mixing that and 'normal' names would be doable. Personally, I've never cared for attempting to 'normalize' EQG names, and sometimes altering historical names can go over readers' heads, requiring footnotes or an extended Author Notes. Besides, once you start throwing in other species' naming conventions (Gilda, Matilda, etc.), you're already going to get that anyway...

FYI: Pony Name: Sturdy Light (maybe? Sounds better than carrier of God, descendant of Hardy Power (lit Translation)).

I'm a really big on keeping to "pony style" names. After all, it's clear that the EQG world functions on pony logic for naming conventions.

It just feels super weird to me to have Sunset Shimmer, and Charlie Sheen in the same world together.

Not entirely out of the question that, in some manner or another, going from older yet more "familiar" name structures in the past to the pony style names of the present could be a human societal change. A lot of last names like Baker, Cooper, Smith, etc. trace back to being just names given to folks as a way to identify what their jobs were, or for children their lastnames were literally "dad's name + son" (I.E. there's Odin, and then there's "Thor Odinson").

Hell, humans today still name their offspring after days of the week or months of the year, so more objectively noun sounding names ala pony style names aren't entirely unusual after consideration.

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