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just thinking!! · 1:03pm Apr 8th, 2016

how about we make some fun around here!:pinkiecrazy:

how about we create a two party political system! now before y'all start ranting! what i mean is we create the party's of:
a solar empire party
and lunar republic party!
these names can be changed!

and we try to get as many people in the party's as we can! then choose our party's nominee and have a nov election. everyone on fimfiction votes for there party!

so? how do y'all like it? now again! no real politics just fun!!!

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Comments ( 32 )

3856371 ikr!! i really want to! just need y'alls approval!

3856375 and when I win...we will build us a wall to keep the anti bronies out XD :pinkiehappy:

3856389 yay!! so solar or lunar?

3856393 Luner. I don't really like Tia.............

3856395 awesome i picked lunar to!! the party's will activate on monday. as soon as we create two party groups.


I pledge my service to the Lunar Republic. All Hail the Night!!!

This does sound fun though.

Sorry to disagree, but The Solar Empire will win. :ajsmug:

ok il make the group! then we will think of what we do next!

3856422 ok find your friends and maybe y'all can create the solar party.

3856422 Bring it on you have to sleep sometime. :pinkiecrazy:

3856427 I'll sleep when we win.

3856429 Very well then. May the best party win.

3856429 if you need more members I wouldn't mind being a trader to my team XD I'll tell people to join you.

I'm in :yay:

The Lunar Republic Party :pinkiesmile:

Urgh, Lunar PRINCIPALITY Party... Or Lunar Queendom Party... IT CAN'T BE A FREAKING REPUBLIC IF IT HAS A MONARCH. :facehoof:

Learn politics people. :raritydespair:

3856584 won't have queen, will be run just like usa politics, but will be cleaner, and will have a president.

Ah, well in that case count me out. I will remain loyal to both sovereign diarchs anyway. :moustache:

Just a thought, perhaps the names should be changed to just The Solar Party and Lunar Party? It would attract more people I think, some people - like me - don't like the whole Empire/Republic thing. :derpytongue2: Not criticising, actually trying to help just now, since I realised I didn't make a very good impression. :twilightsheepish:

Ah good. :scootangel: Makes a little more sense anyway, Lunar Republic and Solar Empire sound more like national names then party names.

It would depend on the lunar and solar mares themselves,ie what theyre goal is. But if I had to choose........I would say the lunar republic......

So we're not allowed to form our own party? Dang. I want to know the platforms before I pick one, though.

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