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I'm a man of words. Sometimes they're legible.

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  • Sunday
    I won a writing contest! (somehow)

    So those of you who read my stuff may have noticed a certain link in the description of my latest story. This leads directly to the Right Back At It Again! 2020 Shipping Competition, a contest hosted by FamousLastWords. The goal of the contest was to write about a ship that was popular during the early seasons of the show, these

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  • 2 weeks
    A note on writing offensive humor

    It's very important to note that this is not my complete response to the recent controversy that has hit the site. This was actually a status update that I had posted to Facebook one day as a response to someone posting Kobe Bryant memes the day of the tragedy. Minor alterations have been made to fit the Fimfiction format. Although I will admit that these aren't my complete thoughts, I do feel

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  • 6 weeks
    New Story. Go read it!

    TProject Rita
    Depressed that she never got her chance to tell Octavia how she felt, Vinyl Scratch joins an experimental program called Project Rita, which supposedly allows anypony to see the future of their relationships.
    Muggonny · 12k words  ·  29  5 · 261 views
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  • 9 weeks
    Help me decide what to work on next

    Hey, remember me? The guy who WRITES? Well, I have tons of stuff I want to WRITE but the problem is I never know what to WRITE. So help me decide by voting on my straw poll:

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  • 18 weeks
    hey gusy

    i am a littel drunk ri9ghyt now and rote w something

    so here it is wiuth this blogew

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Crazy Mike (New Story) · 5:48pm Apr 7th, 2016

by me (duh)

So yeah, new story. Very easy to write, though it may be one of my most well-written works. I'm working on a large one-shot right now, a big-time story, and Life of Twi' (I even have a short story compilation coming out soon!). Well I'm getting back to work now. Words don't type themselves after all.

Report Muggonny · 182 views · Story: Crazy Mike · #Is it good?
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