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  • 6 weeks
    the multiverse watcher Log 1 phantom

    who knew things would be like this i guess that is fate, ah speaking of fate the first interesting pony we have today is the greatest thief in Universe 44 i have given him Codename phantom since he barely leaves a trail to him. now that i hope i got your attention let's talk about him, hailing from Klugetown phantom was a young earth pony colt family poor he started his thieving at age 13 at

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  • 72 weeks
    Melio Fauna Journal 1

    i guess i have to write in this thing i got from the store here in trottingham after i bought my bar/restaurant here. Ah you might be confused the name is Meliodas well was now the name is Melio Fauna nice name i guess but just call me Melio, well i'm getting off track after ahem entering trottingham or this realm i guess feels weird becoming a pony or equine or whatever their now me called so

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  • 79 weeks
    soooo my internet is off

    yea now i can only do limited shit so creating ocs are out

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  • 80 weeks
    sooooo two new OC's huh

    one the old goddess of wrath and love before princess cadence was crowned it she's sadistic and lovely at the same.
    two a colt who went unconscious suddenly waking up to have time break abilities.

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  • 82 weeks
    my little brother got robbed

    it looks like he did just god damn it why can't anyone just not rob somebody fuck it i wish my brother was more aware damn it it pisses me off

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awesome ponies · 11:09pm Apr 6th, 2016

well i was scolded in a good way so i changed this blog to something else awesome ponies yea

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No! Also, why the swearing?:fluttershysad:

sorry i was actually mad i'll delete the blog

god dang it destiny you messed me up again

no im talking about the invisible being

Oh! heh:twilightblush:

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3854810 i knew i wasn't thinking when i made the comment.

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