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Could possibly, maybe be active again. Don't place bets.

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100 Followers?!?! · 2:13am Apr 6th, 2016

Apparently while I was at work I managed to finally hit my goal of 100, the big 10-O, ONE HUNDRED followers!

I'm gunna have to do a giveaway or something!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks to all of you! The ones who are just now joining me and the ones that were here from the beginning!:twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 12 )

Congrats!!! Awesome!

3850833 internet hugs!!!!
(and dat saddle doh, damn.

3850833 A large amount of the home stretch was thanks to you! So thank you especially!:raritystarry:

3850838 Wait until you see the cover art for my new story. Holy crap.

3850841 naahh...you're the one who deserves this. Im happy for you.

3850847 Well...thanks anyway!:pinkiehappy:

Congrats man! Hope you get even more! You had 101 when I noticed this blog...

3850844 ^//^
be sure to check it out.

3850855 Even if I never got any more than 100 you guys/gals would be enough :heart:

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