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Notice: Overhaul and Hiatus · 11:42am Apr 5th, 2016

How are you doing, Fimfic Readers? The last couple weeks have been tougher on me than usual, and now, unfortunately, I have hit a brick wall: writer's block, the result of which is that my released chapters have nearly caught up with my drafted chapters. I'm also at one of those humps where I know what I want to happen after, but not exactly what I want to happen now. But the best way to cure it is to write. Urgh, so frustrating! I also feel as though my writing may be losing some of its strength because I'm rushing it more.

So here's my plan: I am going to overhaul my entire series from the beginning, adjusting it to the web-reading format I adopted at readers' requests early on in Third Gear. I will also use this opportunity to clean things up and tighten up the story flow, as well as correcting inconsistent details (I try to keep notes on important things, especially when I translate them, but some things do get lost). To do so, I will be revoking the submissions on the entire Gear Series, excluding the side-stories, so please do not panic when you cannot find them. If you are wondering why they seem to be gone, this is why: I am making the story better for you.

While I am overhauling the published chapters from before, I will keep trying to push the upcoming chapters forward. Once I have a decent buffer again, I will resubmit the stories and start publishing them again. Who knows? Maybe once I'm done it'll be worthy of Equestria Daily? The other objective I must reach is being able to work on two stories at once so I can publish Twilight's and Sunset's parts of Canterlot High simultaneously. I would't want you to only be getting part of the story, after all, and Canterlot High follows right after The Dark Wars. I need to write The War of the Reflected World first, and I've barely started on that.

I will not give you an ETA on when everything will be back up, since I learned from watching George R.R. Martin alienate many of his fans that doing so, and then not reaching your stated deadline, is the fastest ans surest way to make people angry. Life happens. You need to work to earn a living in this world. There are many other factors, so I won't offer excuses that are of no interest to you. I will only apply my effort and hope I can keep this whole project fun, and then hope you enjoy the result.

I will most likely continue to publish blog posts on things that interest me that I would like to share with you, including theories, gunpla reviews, and episode reviews.

See you on the other side!

- BNuts

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