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i used to be an editor on here, but real life got in the way. i still write a little bit, though it's been a hot minute since i've posted lmao

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Life Update! · 7:19pm Apr 4th, 2016

Hello, everyone! Stahl here with a life update on the things.

All righty! First off, I should probably explain why I'm not accepting things on the editing front and why I haven't been writing. So, as some of you may or may not know, I like to participate in my school's annual musical. This... is costing most of my free time. As of late, I've been staying until about eight o'clock at night. Since I usually "go to bed" (whether or not I stay up to midnight reading on my phone is irrelevant) around ten, that doesn't give me too much free time to do anything. While I would usually make up for the time lost on the weekend, I've been pretty booked. Two weekends ago was Easter, last Friday/Saturday I attended a party, and this upcoming weekend I plan to go to an Admit Day, where I will be staying the night there. Heck, I even plan to have a layover in Chicago on the way home. (That'll be fun.) Between maintaining a social life and the musical, my free time hasn't been much, and in those rare glimpses of freedom, I'm usually relaxing.

Another reason why everything's been so hectic is because of what I'm already editing. Currently, I'm juggling three stories at once. Said stories are The Elements of Harmony and Savior of the Worlds by RK_Striker_JK_5, TD the Alicorn Princess by BronyWriter, and The Monster Below by Greenback. While I have been doing a chapter a week for them all, I haven't done anything on them since the musical started. As mentioned before, life's been hectic.

I do, however, have some stories I've been working on. The sequel for "That's Your Downfall" is being planned, and I have a one-shot or two that have been on the back burner. Hopefully, I will be able to do a chapter or so of each story while I'm on the train, and be able to write a one-shot. After a Google Adventure, there seems to be power outlets on Amtrak trains, so I should be good on that front! So yes! I shall be doing the things on my computer while I go from Carlinville to Chicago, and then from Chicago to Carbondale!

I do hope to have a good time this weekend, and I hope that my trip up there will be a good one. Uh... Expect a "That's Your Downfall" sequel soon I guess. Also expect a one-shot or two. I'm excited to have about eight hours of a train ride for once.

Edit: Needed poni picture!

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Stahl, no worries. You have great rehearsals and a great musical. Editing can wait, dude. :)

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