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Kamen Rider EqG Chapter 4 Preview · 5:25pm Apr 3rd, 2016

So it's been about three months and you're waiting for more. I know this. My biggest obstacle recently has been deciding on story threads that will arise later and how to hint at them early, and this chapter is one of the last times they can sneak in before jumping to the forefront, so it's a delicate process. I've also been working on other Kamen Rider stories and trying to reignite Doctor Who ones. Specifically, right now I'm trying to debut a story called Kamen Rider Gr3en, which I've given four preludes so far (check my other blog posts on the right of the screen), so that's my current top priority, but after that and a Henshin One-Shot or two are up, this is next. And once Chapter 4 is up…the stage will be set for a worlds journeyer to arrive…

Still, you saw the Next Time preview last chapter and want to know what's happening next. I hope this brief glimpse will be enough for now.

Just one more goal, and the championship was theirs. Rainbow Dash was dribbling the soccer ball up the field. Not just a schoolyard field, this was the big time, a field that you almost couldn’t see to the other end of, a field that was…kinda darker than she’d thought it had been…and quieter. Still running, she glanced up from the ball to see the stands empty of spectators, the floodlights off, and even the field void of other players of either team. Okay, this was mildly—

“Outta my way!” shouted a voice as an orange streak slipped past her, stealing the ball and tripping her to the ground.

“Hey, what gives?” she snapped, pushing herself back up and turning to look behind her. She saw someone in an orange uniform, contrasting the blue of her own outfit, standing with her foot on the ball. Though she was facing away, Rainbow immediately recognized her former friend from summer camp. “Gilda? What’d you do that for?”

Gilda looked back at her with a passively condescending stare. “If you have power,” she said, “use it.”

Rainbow Dash was about to say something back before Gilda’s outline suddenly became wrapped in an orange glow. A pair of brown eagle wings and a tan lion’s tail sprouted and grew, and her white hair became more feather-like, all in a manner similar to ponying up. Rainbow looked on in surprise, but Gilda simply smirked and turned away again, drawing back her right leg and kicking the soccer ball. On impact, there was a burst of flames, and the ball shot off across the field as a fiery streak back towards the other goal. Rainbow Dash immediately jumped up and raced after it, somehow feeling doing that was more important than worrying about Gilda’s transformation.

“This is way out of your league!” she heard Gilda call from behind her as the ball seemed to dip over the curvature of the ground and out of sight in front of her. “You’ll never catch up!”

Gilda was right, she was losing it, and…


But nothing, just no. She was Rainbow Dash, and something like this wasn’t about to best her! She felt a sudden surge from inside as she was wrapped in a light blue glow, sprouting a pair of pony ears, pegasus wings, and her hair extending to end in a pony’s tail. And simply because she decided to, she blazed to the other end of the field in a rainbow streak. Stopping at the goal, she turned back and saw the faint glow of the flaming soccer ball begin to reach over the curve of the ground.

“Do you really think you can make a difference?” echoed Gilda’s voice from behind the ball.

A light blue aura appeared around Rainbow and she floated up. “I do,” Rainbow Dash said, looking up with a fiery passion. “And I will!”

Streams of the blue aura snaked around her and channeled down into her right foot. The flaming orange streak of the ball blazed into view and raced at her, reaching her within a sec—she threw her foot out in a kick. Her foot hit the ball with a burst of light, bringing it to an immediate halt, but the ball kept pushing forward. The two opposing forces held fast for seconds on end, before Rainbow gave another push and sent the ball catapulting away in a new rainbow-trailing blue aura.

Gilda stood watching with crossed arms as the blue streak flew back across the field, releasing a burst of aura that spun around and formed itself into a pair of wings, a set of talons, and a beaked head with earlike feather projections. Gilda smirked. The spectral projection grew backwards to gain a full body with a pair of legs and tail, and with a flap of its wings, threw its head forward and let out a loud echoing screech…

Rainbow Dash awoke to the darkness of her room, the screeched slowly fading from her ears. Some dream, huh? She turned over and went back to sleep.

A slight whistling ring flowed through the room as the outside windows of her house shimmered and warped. Each reflected a scattered fragment of the image of a large teal and dark gray winged shape flying by, letting out a screech as it passed.

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Comments ( 5 )

That is a griffin advent beast for rainbow dash right?

When the next chapter going to be?

Yes.:raritywink: Technically, I'll be using gryphon, sometimes considered the "noble and intelligent" version of the "feral" griffon/griffin, but most sources agree to disagree over their usages.

Ooh. This preview has me very much intrigued about Rainbow in chapter 4. Can't wait!

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