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Læffy · 3:06pm Apr 3rd, 2016

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...... I have no idea who this guy is or what the hell this was about aside from silly faces, but I must say it was strangely entertaining.

3845617 The guy is named Læffy, and he was a conscript in the Norwegian armed forces. I'm assuming he was sort of the clown out of all the conscripts.

Oh, and he apparently stars in a TV show named Turné now, (or Tour, in English) I don't know if the show is still active though.

Sadly, there's no English version or subtitles -- it's only Norwegian. I heard that it's a really funny show. It's a comedy drama, and with Læffy there, I'm fairly certain it would be hilarious. I watched probably fifteen minutes of it without understanding anything, beyond some English quotes from movies that were used.

(I'm also not sure if Læffy IS his name, but he's referred to by that a lot, and I haven't seen anything else beyond the names in the show, but even then, I couldn't pinpoint which one he was.)

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