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I like extending over multiple arts like drawing, playing music, and writing.

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    Made a thing again

    Maybe I should do this with popular stories in fimfiction.

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    Who Is this pony!? Adventure Edition

    Today's Who Is This Pony!? Will be special as for the first time and objective will have be met before the story concludes. We are going on an adventure people! And you guys are making and driving this car all the way to the finish line! in about 40 minutes our ride begins, so stay tuned in!

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    WHO IS THIS PONY!? New Installment Today

    The New installment of Who Is This Pony!? begin today at 4:30pm (right now its 3:37 PM, so basically its means it starts at approximately 53 minutes)

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    Change in comission prices (important)

    My usual commissions are usually run up to 25 USD, with full shading, coloring and background. From now on that will effectively change to16 USD. Its quite the change I know, but hopefully this will make the commissions far more accessible.

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    Turning Bronyese Loves me I dont know how to feel

    He sent me the message, I merely spiced it up.

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Made a thing again · 2:29am Apr 3rd, 2016

Maybe I should do this with popular stories in fimfiction.

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Comments ( 7 )

This looks awesome :) I'm glad to be following you :)

Why just popular? :raritywink: nudge nudge wink wink.

Favorite bug queen with favorite song... Yep. :pinkiecrazy:

(This was beautifully made.)

THIS IS AMAZING!!! are you going to finish this?

Out of curiosity, is this based on a story? If so, which one?


In a word:

Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:


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