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Reviving Dos Equis · 11:36pm Mar 31st, 2016

This probably isn't news to those of you who watch television regularly, but I am not among your number. As such, allow me to provide context for my newly discovered indignation:

You're telling me we can save Matt Damon from Mars, but not the most interesting man in the world? There is no justice. Truly, this is the greatest loss in commercial badasses since Segata Sanshiro.

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Comments ( 10 )

That reminds me, has there ever been a clickbait undeserved feature-box fic that turns it into Dos Equus?

I haven't seen that commercial yet. I guess he got tired of them and made them do one more that made it clear he was over it. *shrug*

Segata isn't dead, he re-entered the atmosphere and lives on to the distant future....

Best commercial for The Horse yet!

3839764 I know of one Most Interesting Man fic... I should look for it sometime

He can tightrope walk... in zero-g.
He's walked on Mars... on Jupiter.
He's an expert in rocket science... and in rocket art.
He is... the Most Interesting Man Outside The World.

No, you see, we don't need to rescue him. He is off to save those who are lost.

Duh, this is obviously set up for the "Most interesting man in the Kuiper Belt" campaign.

"Most Interesting Man In The Oort Cloud"

I've seen a few instances of the pun in both art and fiction.

Possibly. It's just fun to feel outrageous faux indignation about this.

That only makes this loss worse! :raritydespair:

3839846 3839895 3840445
The Most Interesting Man IN SPAAAAACE!

The Most Interesting Man in the World went to Mars for our sins?

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