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  • 2 weeks

    I’m gay, I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot, I am no longer in this fandom so this account is dead <.<

    I’ll leave it up for the memories and the fanfics

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  • 50 weeks
    Hey quick question

    Anyone know what happened to Thomas he doesn't get on our Discord chat anymore and I'm very worried

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  • 60 weeks
    A Book Idea

    Ok so a book set in real life about all the stupid and childishly annoying things my dad has done/said.

    1. Such as gave the town a topic for gossip that was a personal family mater.
    2. Kill a kitten by putting it in a pot and leaving it there
    3. Does not understand the term "gang bang" does not mean a gang shooting another man to death
    4. Insults people behind their back

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  • 60 weeks

    Heya dorks uwu

    I'm a bit bored <.< how've y'all been?

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  • 74 weeks
    I'm looking at old DMs on here-

    Oh so many people more cringe than I-

    I've got proof and it is on Reddit >.> I would post a link but I'd rather not show my Reddit account, if you somehow manage to find it then good for you but don't interact with me about it.

    3 comments · 91 views

Our theme song! · 1:49pm Mar 31st, 2016

I made a theme song for this fandom!

My Little Brony, My Little Brony,
(My Little Brony)
I used to wonder what the pony fandom might be like.
(My Little Brony)
Then I stumbled across this tragic site.
Big blog posts, Tones of clop.
Some creepy art, I'm right and your wrong.
Sharing feedback, it's a crazy week.
And the haters make it all complete.
You love these little ponies.
Thanks to you this show isn't just for kidsssss!

And the reprise:
My Little Brony
My Little Brony
My Little Brony...friends?

I love parodies.
What do you guys think?
(Don't be offended, it was just for fun)

Report RainbowDashX12345 · 203 views · #Bronies
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Comments ( 8 )

That's really good!

3838820 parodies are my life, lol.

3838826 I should show you some of my older ones, I did one to a song a hate and it was so funny.:pinkiecrazy:

Now i'm temped to go look :rainbowlaugh:

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