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Hey! MasterBrony Forever here with a short Bio. Favorite character's from the show are Spike & Discord! Improving my writing over the past few years.

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Help: Roxy Question · 4:35am Mar 30th, 2016

I am asking for help for a small part of the last chapter of Doggy Style.

Roxy is in your room looking around at things she had never seen or experienced before.

What should they be? And how should she react?

Also some ass to hold you guys off:

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Comments ( 17 )

She looks under the bed, various bits of junk down there. - No reaction.
Looks in the nightstand next to the bed, she finds a masturbation cache. - Either laughs or gets really embarrassed
Goes through closet and finds various clothing. - She tries on shirts and jeans, but jeans are to small for her big butt, so da booty is really popping out.
Drawers to find underwear/socks. - Giggles a little bit.

Shit like that.

If she is your room then she is involved more in your life. Embarrassment is a great equaliser. Your cache of porn would both amuse and infuriate her as it would most women.
Her trying on different clothing would highlight her natural curiosity, after all she wouldn't be with you if she wasn't curious. The tearing of such clothing would leave her self conscious and the dreaded question would soon follow, does this make me look fat? Respond accordingly.
Maybe she discovers a secret present you bought her and she gets over emotional.
End with cuddling on the bed. Bitches love to be cuddled.


This is the first time she is in your house. So everything she wouldn't have experienced in the caves she see in your room. She is alone.

Well as she is your paramour it is important not to patronise her or make her feel belittled. Your house is most likely the greatest example of wealth and luxury she has ever seen, living in a cave can't exactly be glorious. You've been to her home many times, now she is in yours, the relationship is evolving and moving beyond simply a booty call, whether she admits it or not. Of course considering her 'condition' she may have been forced to leave, or abandoned by her followers, her condition seen as weakness. She may be angry at you but she will also be scared, she needs someone to blame, yet she needs someone who will comfort her. As the source of both her 'problem' and affection you must use this opportunity as a means of raising her self esteem and clarifying that you value her and care about her as a person. This will be the moment that will define your future with her, so make sure it's a good one.

Some old tech that she pokes where it will then activate startling her

3836370 Exactly what I am going for in most of this chapter. That building their relationship past the booty call stage.

3836567 I just thought about what happened with my friends' dog when it nudged the right trigger button when we were playing CoD winning the round with a headshot

3836768 lol, that must have been interesting XD

3836860 cross map headshot made by a dog, me and my friend were crying tears of laughter as was the rest of the lobby when we told em

Also just as a side note the other guy ragequit and left after we said what had happened

3836881 I would to, if I had heard that had happened to me.

3836902 we were to busy praising his dog since that was the 2nd time it happened

Just thought of something hilarious, and slightly racist. What if she looks in a reflection and thinks it's another dog?

I know I am a horrible person.

3837256 lmao xD That would be funny, she knows what he reflections is XD



Lets start of with a small monologue of her experiences in the caves. Then she compares the living conditions of "my" room and the caves. It's easier for her to breath because of the circulation of air, compared to the cave, which had none. She sits on the bed, it's far more comfortable than hers, so she lays down. She smells the blankets and pillows, they smell of flowers and honey. Her bed smelt of wet dog, so it's an appreciated change. She sits up and notices the nightstand, it's made of spruce wood, dark, but beautiful. She opens the drawer. She finds various pr0n mags of the human world, AND of the pony world. (Though, there could just be some various things in there, such as books, tissues, ECT)

As for how she feels, what The Ascendant said.

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